Writing Piece: The Tribute

The tribute piece honors a person (or thing) that plays an important role in your life. It is a chance to think about what makes this person special and to reflect on the memories you share. It can be written directly to the person (meaning it really only needs to make sense to that particular person) or it can be intended for a more public audience (people often give tributes as speeches at weddings, birthday parties, funeral services, award shows, etc.). The point is to be specific about the importance this person has in your life.


Skills That Might Work Well:


Thoughtfulness, Effort, Detail (25%): How much thought went into your tribute? Are you using specific details to bring it to life? Are you showing the reader how important this person is to you? Is the piece long enough to adequately show your appreciation?

Organization (25%): Are your ideas organized or are your ideas scattered in whatever random way they came into your head? Did you break ideas up into paragraphs?

Skills (25%): Did you use a variety of skill in your writing to make it more interesting? Make sure you label the skills using the comments feature on Google Docs.

Grammar, Spelling, Clarity, Language Use (25%): Is your piece written well and easy to read? Do you use language that is appropriate for your audience (this might mean a more casual or formal tone, depending on who the piece is for)?

Quick Writes to Help Get Your Ideas Together

  • List 3 people that are important in your life.
  • Choose 1 of those people for the next prompts.
  • What makes your relationship with this person special?
  • What is different about this relationship from any other you have?
  • How did you meet?
  • How long have you known each other?
  • List some good memories.
  • List some bad memories.
  • What are some problems you two have?
  • List any inside jokes or things that only the other person would understand.

More Quick Writes for Getting into Detail

  • Think of any songs, movies, shows, books, clubs, activities, etc. that you share an interest or experience in. (You can make allusions to these in your writing).
  • What do you want them to know? What is something that you don’t usually tell/say to him/her? 
  • Think of something that may have been serious, challenging, or difficult at the time, but you two can laugh about it now. 
  • Think of something this person has said to you that has stuck with you.
  • What might your life be like without this person in it or if you never met?
  • What does the future look like for you two? Are there any plans? Upcoming events? Things to look forward to? (This can be a great way to end your piece).

Tribute Songs

George Harrison pays tribute to his friend and former bandmate John Lennon. Lyrics
Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth pay tribute to the late actor Paul Walker. Lyrics
The inspiration for the title of the student example “One Sweet Day.Lyrics
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