Writing Piece: Emailing

Email to Mr. Mitch Beavis

For this assignment, you must send a well-written email to a Mr. Mitch Beavis using your Sachem given Gmail address. You get to decide who Mr. Mitch Beavis is, who you are, and why you are emailing Mr. Mitch Beavis. Be creative and have fun with it.


  • Email BFunk@sachem.edu
  • Use your Sachem email account.
  • Include a Brief Subject line.

Body of the Email (no more than 150 words).

  • Begin with a Greeting.
  • (new paragraph) Introduce yourself.
  • Show thanks and appreciation for something Mr. Mitch Beavis did (again use your imagination, be creative, and have fun).
  • (new paragraph) Make your request.
  • (new paragraph) Thank Mr. Mitch Beavis for his help and time.
  • Close with your name.

Your email should have proper grammar, spelling, and paragraph structure. It should use formal language.

The body of the email should be no more than 150 words; Mr. Mitch Beavis is an extremely busy man.

Here are the notes on Effective Email Writing: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1N_V669EzHXx6dm370PAqNHUcjPl9Lvevw0XYPtwOaw8/edit?usp=sharing

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