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Practice Using Specific Examples; Work on Letter to a 9th Grader

19 May

Complete the following worksheet on using specific examples Write Using Specific Details

Then start outlining, jotting down ideas, and creating a rough draft of your letter to an incoming 9th grader.

Tomorrow we will be in room a206 (period 1 will be in the library).

Jawaharlal Nehru’s Eulogy for Ghandi

5 May

Two Word Tuesday

-Eulogy: a speech that pays respect and remembrance to someone who has recently died

-Futility (n): uselessness

Jawaharlal Nehru’s Eulogy for Ghandi

Read Jawaharlal Nehru’s Eulogy for Ghandi and complete the following worksheet: Ghandi Eulogy #notebookgrade

Food Reviews!

28 Apr

Today we will begin talking about what will become our next piece, The Review.

We will warm up by writing reviews about food.  I have brought in a variety of tasty snacks!  You will sample them and write about them in your notebooks. Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Approximately 1 page (100-150 words) in your notebook
  • Eating is a multi-sensory experience.  Discuss taste, smell, texture, temperature, appearance.
  • Consider any history you have with the food (any fond or negative memories while eating these foods in the past?) Maybe you had the food at a fun party or it made you sick one time.  Our history with the food affects our enjoyment of it.
  • Dining experience- what time of the day is it? Is it an appropriate time for that particular food? Who are you eating with? Does eating in a classroom differ from eating at the dinner table or a restaurant?
  • How hungry are you?
  • Anything else you can think of that affects your enjoyment of the food.

This will count as a grade for your notebook!

Picture Piece; Starting with -ing Words; Short Stories

21 Apr

New Skill

Skill- Starting Sentences with “-ing” words.  By “-ing” words, I mean action verbs.  This is a great way to create action in your writing, as well as vary your sentence structure.

“Struggling to catch his breath, Lennie checked to see if the police officer was still chasing him”
-Notice how this sentence has lots of action: heavy breathing, looking for a pursuing police officer.
-It also combines multiple ideas that might ordinarily be in multiple sentences. (EX:  A police office was chasing Lennie.  Lennie struggled to catch his breath.  Lennie looked to see is he was still being chased.)

Picture Piece Due Monday April 27th

We will discuss and brainstorm our first writing piece of the 4th quarter, the Picture piece.

12th Grade

Quick Writes:
-Write in detail about the best moment of the senior trip (or of your weekend).
-Write about a smaller, yet significant moment that you don’t want to forget.  (a conversation with someone, something funny that happened).

Rewrite two sentences from your quick write using the skill Starting with -ing words.

9th Grade

Quick Write:
-Answer Who, What, When and Where, and Why for “The Necklace”

We will finish reading “The Necklace” together.

10th Grade

Quick Write:
-Answer Who, What, When and Where, and Why for “A Sound of Thunder”

We will finish reading “A Sound of Thunder” together.

Writing Introduction Paragraphs; Work on Projects

17 Mar

Today there will be a brief discussion on writing introduction paragraphs (notes found in your research paper packet).  From there, you will have time to work on research paper stuff, as well as your song piece.

Thesis Statements; Skill: Present Your Opinion As Fact

10 Mar

Thesis Statements

Today we will discussing Thesis Statements. Be sure to follow along with your packet (section 2).

A Thesis Statement is the main point you are trying to prove in your paper. It is only one sentence long and goes at the end of your introduction.

Skill: Present your opinion as fact

When writing persuasive papers, it is important that you do not use phrases like “I believe that,” “In my opinion,” I think that.”  Also avoid “It seems like” “probably,” “Might be.” These statements remind the reader that your statements are just your opinion.  They sound uncertain and tentative, as if you don’t really know what you are talking about or are unsure of your opinion.

What You Should Have By the End of the Day

By the day’s end, you should have the following for your research paper (all in your notebook):

  • a poem, and a page worth of notes about that poem.
  • a thesis statement and lines from the poem that help prove that statement.

By Thursday you must have at least 3 articles about your poem, printed out.

Vocabulary Excercise

3 Mar

9th and 10th Grade:  

Define the following ten words, then go back into your old writing pieces and integrate 5 of them into old writing pieces.  You may add new sentences or you may replace words in existing sentences.  Write the definitions and sentences in your notebook.

9th Grade: undermine, oblivious, indifferent, obscure, objective, revere, discriminate, embellish, denounce, innovate.

10th Grade: solemn, ambivalence, indolence, benign, tedious, amiable, charisma, laud, caustic, atrophy

Shakespearean Sonnets

24 Feb

Today we will be studying Shakespearean Sonnets.  This will ultimately lead to our next writing piece, creating your own sonnet, which will be due Monday.  We will be in the computer lab a206 on Friday.

Today’s notes, sonnet, which should be copied into your notebook.

Copy the following sonnet into your notebook, and label the Quatrains, Couplets, Rhyme Scheme and Iambic Pentameter:

Sonnet #18 by William Shakespeare

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date.
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimmed;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance, or nature’s changing course, untrimmed;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st,
Nor shall death brag thou wand’rest in his shade,
When in eternal lines to Time thou grow’st.
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

3rd Quarter Begins! Shakespeare!

3 Feb

Welcome back after the snow, testing, and more snow!

Today officially begins the third quarter.  We are half way finished!

Shakespeare Begins!

Today we will begin our study of Shakespearean plays.  We will start by viewing modern film versions of the play, just to acquaint ourselves with the plot.  Later in the week and into next week we will be doing group presentations. Please make sure you have a copy of the character lists and plot overviews.

12th Grade: Hamlet

Hamlet character list

Hamlet Plot Outline

9th Grade: Romeo and Juliet

romeo and juliet pot outline

romeo juliet character list

10th Grade: Othello

Othello Character List

Othello Plot Overview

Commonly Mistaken Words

20 Jan

Today we will bush up on some commonly confused words, using this worksheet: grammar theytheretheir

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the notebooks check will be postponed until tomorrow!