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Letter to 9th Grade is Due; Quarter Reflections

21 May

Today, make sure you turn in your letter to an incoming 9th grader piece.

In class complete the 4th quarter reflection: 4th Quarter Self Assessment

*******Make sure any missed work or revisions are in by tomorrow.  Seniors, rumor has it some of you may be out tomorrow, make sure you get your work in!  Senior cut day is not a valid excuse!!!

Review Piece; Skill; 4th Quarter Rubric

30 Apr

Today you will get the 4th Quarter Rubric. It is very simple: 50% writing pieces, 50% notebook grade.  The 4th quarter is short; everything we do in class will count significantly!

Skill: Action-Adjectives :

A descriptive phrase that contains an action, in the format of  Noun-Past Tense Verb. Helps create concise and action-packed descriptions. 

Examples:  Sun-kissed hair,  action-packed description, chocolate-covered donut, orange-flavored gum, garbage-filled gymnasium, sauce-drenched chicken, freckle-faced boy….

Review Piece

Today you will have time to work on your Review Piece.  Here is the handout from class: Review Piece Overview.  Start outlining, taking notes, and writing a rough draft in class (this will be part of this week’s notebook grade).  Tomorrow we will meet in A206, where you can start typing.  The piece is due Monday.

Notebook Check Tomorrow

Tomorrow you will earn a notebook grade, based on your work this week.  Here’s what I am checking for:

  • 1 page review on food
  • 1 page review on tv show (Twilight Zone episode-watch here for free on Hulu)
  • notes, outlining, rough draft for your Review Piece

Monday- Thursday: Quarterly and Short Stories

16 Apr

Monday we prepared for the quarterly, which was given on Tuesday.

Wednesday Short Stories:

While reading the your short story, take notes and be sure to cover the following aspects of the story

  • who- characters
  • what- plot
  • when and where- setting
  • why- author’s purpose and the theme

12th Grade Read “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut (p. 7 in Welcome to the Monkey House) – answer Harrison Bergeron Questions

9th Grade Read “The Lady or the Tiger” in our literature books.  Answer the questions in the back.

10th Grade Read “The Monkey’s Paw” in our literature books.  Answer the questions in the back.


Thursday we are discussing the short stories and going over the answers the questions.  You will also get your research paper back!

Song Piece Due Friday; Research Paper Outline Due Monday

19 Mar

Today and tomorrow we will be in the computer lab in room a206.  Here you can work on your Song Piece or your Research Paper’s outline, or both.  I will check notebooks today.  I am just looking for evidence that you’ve made good use of the last 3 days in class (outlines, rough drafts, notes, planning, etc.).  This should be an easy grade!

Song Piece is due tomorrow, printed out by the end of class.

Research Paper Outline is due Monday.  This can be done neatly in your notebook or printed out.

Parenthetical Citations

12 Mar

Today we have notes on Parenthetical Citations, which you must use to give credit to the authors of your research.  Here are those notes: parethetical citations

Tomorrow we will meet in the computer lab a206.  You will have time to find articles and take notes on them in your notebook.  I will be checking to see that you have notes on your articles Monday.

For tomorrow’s notebook check, I will be looking for the following:

  • 1 FULL page of notes on your poem
  • Your research paper Thesis statement and lines from you poem that support it
  • Notes on the article “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin” (2 direct quotes and 2 paraphrases)

You will have time to work on all of this in class today, after our notes.

Shakespeare Group Projects

5 Feb

Today we will discuss our Shakespeare group projects.  You will form your groups and learn what you must cover.  Details in the links below. We will be in the computer lab a206 tomorrow, and in the library using netbooks on Tuesday.  Presentations will begin Wednesday.

10th Grade:Othello Group Project

9th Grade: Romeo and Juliet Group Project

12th Grade: Hamlet Group Project

Reading Reaction Due Tomorrow!

15 Jan

Our second Reading Reaction is due tomorrow.  Today we will be in the computer lab A206 to work on it.  The film for our novels will continue playing as you work.

From yesterday’s post:

For reading reaction 2, you are asked to discuss any social commentary in our class novel (1984, To Kill a Mockingbird, or Of Mice and Men).  It should at least a page, double spaced with 12 point font.  Here’s a nice way to organize your response.

Body Paragraph 1:  Discuss any message or lesson the reader can take away from the story that relates to social commentary.  How does the author get across a message about the world we live in.  Give examples from the story.

Body Paragraph 2: Write about how that message relates to the world we live in.  Is it accurate?  What are some examples of events that support/refute the novel’s messages?