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Working on Shakespeare Group Projects

6 Feb

Today we are meeting in A206, the computer lab, to work on our Shakespearean Group Projects.

Be sure to use Google Drive’s Presentation app or Prezie.com to create your presentation.  (This will allow anyone in your group to access and work on your presentation at any time and location.  Also, it will make showing your presentation to the class easier).

Some guidelines:

Group 1: 2 slides per section (2 for Shakespeare’s biography, 2 for the Elizabethan Period, 2 for The Globe Theatre)

Groups 2-6: 1 slide per scene and 1 slide per speech.

Group 7: 1 slide for each theme, 1 slide for each thought question, 1 slide for each symbol/motif.


Shakespeare Group Projects

5 Feb

Today we will discuss our Shakespeare group projects.  You will form your groups and learn what you must cover.  Details in the links below. We will be in the computer lab a206 tomorrow, and in the library using netbooks on Tuesday.  Presentations will begin Wednesday.

10th Grade:Othello Group Project

9th Grade: Romeo and Juliet Group Project

12th Grade: Hamlet Group Project

Continue Viewing Shakespeare, Complete Worksheet

4 Feb

Today we will continue our viewing of our Shakespearean plays.  During your viewing, complete the following worksheets.

12th Grade: Hamlet film watching questions

9th Grade: romeo and juliet film watching questions

10th Grade: Othello film watching questions

3rd Quarter Begins! Shakespeare!

3 Feb

Welcome back after the snow, testing, and more snow!

Today officially begins the third quarter.  We are half way finished!

Shakespeare Begins!

Today we will begin our study of Shakespearean plays.  We will start by viewing modern film versions of the play, just to acquaint ourselves with the plot.  Later in the week and into next week we will be doing group presentations. Please make sure you have a copy of the character lists and plot overviews.

12th Grade: Hamlet

Hamlet character list

Hamlet Plot Outline

9th Grade: Romeo and Juliet

romeo and juliet pot outline

romeo juliet character list

10th Grade: Othello

Othello Character List

Othello Plot Overview