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Mock Eulogy or Life Philosophy Piece

6 May

Quick Write Wednesday

Think of a motto, philosophy, quote, phrase, rule etc. that you try to live your life by.  Write for a minute about that and how you practice (or would like to practice) that in your life.

Mock Eulogy or Life Philosophy Piece

Today we will be discussing the next writing piece.  You will choose between writing a Mock Eulogy or a Life Philosophy Piece. Here is the handout Mock Eulogy Life Philosophy Overview  And here are some example pieces from some of my former students:

Mock Eulogy-  Mock Eulogy Examples

Life Philosophy- outlook on life

Tomorrow we will meet in A206! 

TV Show Review; Think About Topics for Your Review Piece

29 Apr

TV Show Review

Today you will watch an episode of the Twilight Zone (watch here for free on Hulu) and write a 1 page (100-150 word) review in your notebook.  This will be part of this week’s notebook grade.


Be Sure to:

  • Give the title of the show
  • Character names and descriptions
  • Overview of the plot

Things to Evaluate:

  • Story
  • Acting
  • Cinematography
  • Music

Who is the show’s intended audience?

What do you like/dislike about the show?

Rate it out of 5 stars and explain.

***As you are watching and writing, I will be calling you up one by one to discuss your Picture Piece grades.

Get Ready to Write Your Review Piece

Tomorrow there will be time to begin writing your review piece, and Friday we will be in the computer lab. Think about what you want to write a review on. Some ideas include but are not limited to:

  • Products (electronics, video games, clothing, etc.)
  • TV Shows/Movies
  • Music Albums
  • Art of any kind
  • Food
  • Books

Do yourself a favor and choose to write about something that interests you!

Work on Picture Piece in A206

22 Apr

Today we will meet in A206 to work on our Picture piece.

If you are having trouble finding a picture, reverse the thought process.  Try thinking about what you want to write about and then find a picture that fits with that idea.

Research Paper Rough Draft Due; Formatting and Grading

25 Mar

Today we are in class to discuss formatting and grading of your research paper.

Your rough drafts will be checked today.  

I will go over the rubric for grading (found in your packet).  We will also discuss the example papers in the packet that show how your paper should be formatted.  Use these examples as a guide.  Your paper should look exactly the same.

After we are finished, check over your paper and give yourself a grade based on your work so far.  Then exchange your paper with someone else in the class and examine their paper as he/she examines yours.  By the end of the day you should have a clear idea on what needs to be done to get the highest grade possible.

Tomorrow and Friday we will be in the computer lab a206 to finish our papers.

Conclusion Paragraphs; Work on Song Piece/Research Paper

18 Mar

Today we will briefly discuss conclusion paragraphs.  You have notes in your research paper packet. Essentially a conclusion paragraph does the following:

  • Firmly restate your thesis statement.  Don’t repeat it word for word, but remind your reader what the point you just proved in your paper was.
  • Quickly recap major points that prove thesis.  No major details, just a quick list of your points.
  • Relate the topic of your paper to the “big picture.” How is this important in life, to people, to the world?
  • Does not give any new evidence.  Your conclusion is not a place for more quotes, new points or extra information. If you have any of these, put them in a new body paragraph.

Tomorrow we will be in computer lab a206.  I will be checking your notebook for the week.  I am just looking for evidence that you used the last three days of class productively.  (Notes on songs/poems, outlines, rough drafts, etc.)

Note Taking Practice

11 Mar

Today we will focus on note taking for your articles.

Please refer to your Research Paper packet, Section 4: Taking Notes.  Read the article “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin,” and find two direct quotes and paraphrase two ideas that help support the thesis statement: “While physical activity is important for good health, in actuality, it does little to help humans lose weight.” Do this in your notebook.

For Friday, you will be expected to have the following in your notebook:

-Your Poem and 1 page worth of notes about it
-Your Thesis statement and lines from the poem that support it.
-Notes on “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin”
-At least 3 articles you plan to use in your research paper.  (We will meet in the computer lab a206 on Friday, if you need more time on this)

Research Paper and Poetry Tips and Terms

4 Mar

Today we introduced the Research Paper.  You received a large packet to help you through the process. Do not lose it!  I do not have extras.

Here are our notes for the day.  They should be copied into your notebook: Poetry Reading Tips and Terms

Tomorrow we will meet in the computer lab!