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Shakespeare Group Projects

13 Feb

Shakespearean Group Presentations!

For the last two days before break we are presenting our Shakespeare presentations to the class.  Take notes on your classmates’ presentations, as an open notebook quiz will be given on the information your classmates gave you.

Score Your Group’s Efforts

After all of the projects are finished, please submit a paper in which you divide up the percentage of work done by each member.  If all member have contributed an equal amount of effort into the project, divide the percentage evenly (a group of 4 would give each member 25%).  If you feel some members put in more than others, please indicate so (maybe Johnny did 40% of the work and Mr. Funk slacked off and only did 10%).

Working on Shakespeare Group Projects

6 Feb

Today we are meeting in A206, the computer lab, to work on our Shakespearean Group Projects.

Be sure to use Google Drive’s Presentation app or Prezie.com to create your presentation.  (This will allow anyone in your group to access and work on your presentation at any time and location.  Also, it will make showing your presentation to the class easier).

Some guidelines:

Group 1: 2 slides per section (2 for Shakespeare’s biography, 2 for the Elizabethan Period, 2 for The Globe Theatre)

Groups 2-6: 1 slide per scene and 1 slide per speech.

Group 7: 1 slide for each theme, 1 slide for each thought question, 1 slide for each symbol/motif.

2nd Quarter Self Assessments

23 Jan

Today we will be finishing our 2nd Quarter Self Assessments.  Make sure you turn yours in!

2nd Quarter Self Assessment

Social Commentary Ideas; S.M.A.R.T. Goals

9 Jan

Non Fiction Friday

In the new year many people make resolutions, but often those fail within a couple of weeks. Read this article on S.M.A.R.T. Goals and create one for yourself in your notebook.

Share and Discuss Your Ideas for Your Social Commentary Piece

Today you will be sitting in small groups to discuss your ideas for your social commentary piece, and to listen to the ideas of your classmates.

Finish The Books and Answer the Questions by Monday

Don’t forget to finish 1984 or To Kill a Mockingbird!!! Here are the questions I will be checking.  1984 Section Three  or  To Kill A Mockingbird 20-31

Tribute Pieces Due, Reading Questions Due

12 Dec

Today our Tribute Pieces are due. Please complete a reflection sheet when you turn in the paper.

Also, for 10th and 12th graders, our reading questions are due and will be checked.

9th Grade will continue reading of Mice and Men, finishing chapter 3.

10th Grade will be going over our questions and discussing To Kill a Mockingbird

12th Grade will be viewing an interview with Edward Snowden and discussing the connections to that story and 1984.

Non Fiction Friday

21 Nov

Net Neutrality

Today we will read this article, about a hot issue in our world today, Net Neutrality.

Over the weekend, think about and work on your 101 Things I’m Thankful for Piece!

100 Word Piece Due; Non Fiction Friday: Spacecraft Lands on Comet!

14 Nov

Our 100 Word Piece is due today.  Make sure you complete your reflection (follow every step in detail!) Download Reflection: Writing Piece Reflections.

Non Fiction Friday

In some incredible news, a human made space craft has landed on a comet 300 million miles away.  Read this article from the Wall Street Journal.  To give you an idea how far 300 million miles is, if you drove 60 mph nonstop, it would take you over 5700 years to reach the comet.  Wow.

Here’s another interesting article on the comet landing.  It has a pretty cool sound file recorded from the comet.