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Social Commentary Ideas; S.M.A.R.T. Goals

9 Jan

Non Fiction Friday

In the new year many people make resolutions, but often those fail within a couple of weeks. Read this article on S.M.A.R.T. Goals and create one for yourself in your notebook.

Share and Discuss Your Ideas for Your Social Commentary Piece

Today you will be sitting in small groups to discuss your ideas for your social commentary piece, and to listen to the ideas of your classmates.

Finish The Books and Answer the Questions by Monday

Don’t forget to finish 1984 or To Kill a Mockingbird!!! Here are the questions I will be checking.  1984 Section Three  or  To Kill A Mockingbird 20-31

Tribute Pieces Due, Reading Questions Due

12 Dec

Today our Tribute Pieces are due. Please complete a reflection sheet when you turn in the paper.

Also, for 10th and 12th graders, our reading questions are due and will be checked.

9th Grade will continue reading of Mice and Men, finishing chapter 3.

10th Grade will be going over our questions and discussing To Kill a Mockingbird

12th Grade will be viewing an interview with Edward Snowden and discussing the connections to that story and 1984.

Non Fiction Friday

21 Nov

Net Neutrality

Today we will read this article, about a hot issue in our world today, Net Neutrality.

Over the weekend, think about and work on your 101 Things I’m Thankful for Piece!

100 Word Piece Due; Non Fiction Friday: Spacecraft Lands on Comet!

14 Nov

Our 100 Word Piece is due today.  Make sure you complete your reflection (follow every step in detail!) Download Reflection: Writing Piece Reflections.

Non Fiction Friday

In some incredible news, a human made space craft has landed on a comet 300 million miles away.  Read this article from the Wall Street Journal.  To give you an idea how far 300 million miles is, if you drove 60 mph nonstop, it would take you over 5700 years to reach the comet.  Wow.

Here’s another interesting article on the comet landing.  It has a pretty cool sound file recorded from the comet.

Non Fiction Friday: Existential Threats!

7 Nov

First, we will go over the Misplaced Modifiers worksheet from yesterday, which will be collected for an assignment grade.

Existential Threats! (Threats to human existence)

We will listen to the podcast Common Sense by Dan Carlin, episode 283 “Summoning the Demon.”  In this episode, Carlin discusses the potential dangers of Artificial Intelligence.  Here’s the Stephen Hawkin article Carlin refers to.

Your Assignment: write a story about or paint a picture of the future, using exactly 50 words.  You will have to cut out ideas, trim sentences and make tough decisions on what to include in your strict 50 word requirement.  Here is mine:

“Wish Granted” by Mr. Funk

We live indoors. No windows, no doors. The young think we’re nuts.  “OId people and their skies and stars.” Can’t blame them, the sun sounds crazy if you never saw it.  First iPhones, GoogleGlass… then chip implants.
We wanted it.
We invented it.
We wrote their code, they cracked ours.

Happy Halloween! Reading Reactions Due

31 Oct

The actual house from the RadioLab podcast.

Today your Reading Reactions, as well as any Revisions are due.  If you plan on using your extension on this Reading Reaction, it must be in on Monday; Grades are due and we have no school Tuesday, so I need it no later than Monday.

Notebooks will be checked Monday.

Today we will listen to a real life ghost story, from the podcast RadioLab by WNYC.

College/Personal Essays Due; Review Literature

17 Oct

Today our college/personal essays are due.  Turn them in along with your reflection.

9th and 10th Grade: We will be reviewing our books (Speak and Lord of the Flies, respectively) in preparation for an exam on Monday.

Literature test on Monday!

12th Grade: We will conduct a Socratic Seminar regarding the recent events in our community and the reaction to those events.  This will prepare us for our next writing piece.

College Essays, Media Related to Literature

3 Oct


12th Grade: Listen to and read the lyrics to Eddie Vedder’s “Rise Up” from the Into the Wild film soundtrack.  How does the song reflect ideas from the story and the transcendentalist thinkers Chris McCandless looked up to?

Discussing college essay topics.  Begin the College Essay Brainstorm sheet.

9th Grade: You guys will be at the bullying assembly, no class.  Be nice to each other 🙂

10th Grade:  We will be doing some close reading of Lord of the Flies.


All classes, turn in your first Reading Reaction today.  Don’t forget to continue reading our books for Monday, when the next section is due.

Non Fiction Friday; Return Memoirs; Discuss Extended Metaphor Piece

19 Sep

Reminder: Make sure your read part 1 of our book by Monday!

Non Fiction Friday:

In your notebooks discuss the following quotes.

12th Grade: “A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.” -Henry David Thoreau

9th Grade: “We’ve spent so much time judging what other people have created that we’ve created very, very little of our own” -Chuck Palahniuk from Choke

10th Grade: “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” -George Carlin

Quick Writes:

For 30 seconds each, make a list of things: 1. You want  2. You feel  3. You pretend  4.  You worry about.

-This exercise is to prepare us for our next writing piece, due Wednesday the 24th, the Extended Metaphor Poem

Returning Memoirs

Today you will receive your memoirs back.  They are worth 10 points on your average.  You are free to revise them at any time during the quarter, and could potentially earn all 10 points on the assignment.

Some general comments:

  • Break your ideas into paragraphs!
  • Watch for run on or fragmented sentences
  • Title your piece! (“Memoir” is a genre, not a title)

Skill: Showing not Telling– instead of telling us something, show us!


Telling: Roger is mean.

Showing: Roger tripped me in the hallway. At lunch, in between harassing freshmen, he was throwing french fries at our table.

Telling: The girls were excited.

Showing: Giggles and screams filled the arena. The soft curls were now damp with perspiration and the anticipation of the event. They held tight to each other in a mock effort to contain themselves. Arms flailed upward, and voices echoed in varying tones. The moment was here.

Telling: The room was vacant.

Showing: The door opened with a resounding echo that seemed to fill the house. Cob webs once attached flowed freely in the air as the open door brought light to a well worn floor. The light gave notice to the peeling paint on the walls and to the silhouettes once covered by pictures. The new air gave life to a stuffiness that entrapped the room. Faded and torn white sheets covered once new furniture now drowning in dust.

More in depth discussion Here.

Memoirs Due; Non Fiction Friday

12 Sep

Writing Piece #1 is Due Today

Today our Memoirs are due; they must be in class, typed and printed.  From there we will fill out a short reflection on the writing process. Writing Piece Reflection.

*Writing Pieces count for 10 points on your average. Please remember that no work is accepted late, but you are allowed two extensions each quarter, using your Super Pass.

Non Fiction Friday

In our classes we will be reading a short piece of non fiction about the high school experience.

12th Grade: 17 Things I Want Myself to Remember Senior Year – In your notebook, write down which you feel is most important and come up with one of your own.

9th and 10th Grade: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known In High School – In your notebook, write down which you feel is most important and come up with one of your own.