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Get Any Late Work in Today! Vocab!

22 May

9th Grade Vocab: 

Deter, complacent, contempt, eloquent, virtue, guile, biased, censor, monotonous, trivial

10th Grade Vocab:

cryptic, hinder, esoteric, pretentious, incongruous, unprecedented, merger, pedestrian, prudent, exemplary

Define and write a story using any 7 words!

All Late Work and Revisions Must Be Turned in Today!

Stress! New Writing Piece

15 May

Today we will read a couple of articles on stress in high school. The Mad Dash and Teens More Stressed Than Adults .

You will then receive your next writing piece, the letter to an incoming freshman!

Review Piece; Notebook Check

1 May

Meet in Room A206!

Review Piece

Today you will have time to work on your Review Piece.  Here is the handout from class: Review Piece Overview.  Start outlining, taking notes, and writing a rough draft in class (this will be part of this week’s notebook grade).  The piece is due Monday.

Notebook Check Today

Today you will earn a notebook grade, based on your work this week.  Here’s what I am checking for:

  • 1 page review on food
  • 1 page review on tv show (Twilight Zone episode-watch here for free on Hulu)
  • Notes, outlining, rough draft for your Review Piece

Effective Lead Practice; Non Fiction Reading; Picture Pieces Due Monday

24 Apr

On Thursday we spent time working on Effective Leads.  Be sure to complete this worksheet Effective Lead Practice for a grade.

On Friday we read the article “Losing is Good for You” and answered the following questions in our notebooks for a grade:

  1. What is the main idea of the article?
  2. How is the author using irony?
  3. Do you agree with the author’s argument? Why or Why not?

We then continued working on our Picture piece, which is due, in class and typed, Monday.

Computer Lab to Find Articles; Notebook Check

13 Mar

Calendar for March; Stay Organized!

Today I will give you this calendar: March 2015, detailing what will be be doing everyday this month, when assignments are due, and when we will be in the computer lab.  This is designed to help you stay organized and plan your time wisely.

Get At Least 3 Articles About Your Poem or the Theme You Will Be Writing About

Today we will meet in the computer lab for a second chance at finding articles for your research paper.  Be sure to use the following sites only (quoted from Monday’s post):

Here are some very useful sites, link from the Virtual Reference Collection of our very own Sachem East Library.

Bloom’s Literature

Literature Resource Center

ProQuest: Learning Literature

You will need a username and a password to login; I will write those on the board in class.  Copy it into your notebook, in case you need to login from home.

Notebook Check

As promised, I will be checking your notebook for 3 items:

  • 1 Full Page of Notes on Your Poem
  • Your Thesis for your research paper and Lines from the Poem to Support it
  • Notes on the Article “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin” Found in your packet (you need 2 direct quotes and 2 paraphrases)

Find Your Poem for Your Research Paper!

6 Mar

Today we will be in the computer lab, room a206 to search the internet for the poem you will use for your research paper.  (Period 3, we will meet in the library).

Useful websites:


Poetry 180

My recommendations on your poem…

-Choose a somewhat well-known poem, so you can find criticisms (research) about it.
-Consider finding a backup poem, in case you don’t like your original or have a hard time finding research.
-Print out 3 copies.  You will need to turn one copy in with your paper.  You may wish to take notes on a copy. Etc.

After you have your poem, take some notes on it.  Use the questions in your packet, and the ones I gave as notes on Wednesday. Poetry Reading Tips and Terms  You will be expected to have a page worth of notes on your poem in your notebook.

Here’s a short list of poets who will be easy to find research about

  • Poe
  • Whitman
  • Keats
  • Dickenson
  • Frost
  • Wordsworth
  • Shakespeare
  • Yeats
  • Angelou
  • Hughes
  • Neruda
  • Browning
  • Blake
  • Browning
  • Elliot
  • Cummings
  • Plath
  • Emerson
  • Coleridge

Thursday and Friday Work on Sonnets!

27 Feb

Check out this link to some modern day sonnets.  Notice they are light hearted and not very serious; you can have fun with your sonnet.  Thursday is dedicated to working on your sonnet in class, brainstorming ideas, and beginning a rough draft.

On Friday we will be in the computer lab, where you can type your sonnet up.  Remember, the final copy is due Monday!