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Portfolio Handouts; Seniors Graduation Assembly

1 Jun

Here are the checklist and rubric for the final portfolios

9th and 10th Grade:Final Portfolio Underclassmen

12th Grade:  Final Portfolio Seniors

Seniors, we will go to the auditorium for a mandatory graduation assembly.

9th and 10th Grade we will be going to Room A206 to work on final portfolios.

Using Specific Examples – Notebook Check

18 May

Today we will pay attention to the skill: using specific examples.

Use Specific Examples:  Go beyond simply describing and discuss actual things that happened. Don’t just say that Henry is mean, tell us things that happened.  EX:  Henry pushed his brother down the stairs and stole his candy.  He then ripped up his brother’s comic books and yelled at the dog.

Notebook work:  As an exercise give specific examples from your high school experience for these statements:

  • High school is horrible
  • High school is fun
  • High school is different than middle school
  • High school is stressful
  • There are many fun activities to participate in

Notebook Check

Today I will check your notebook for notes on our short stories, and for seniors, I will also check your quick writes about high school.

Short Stories

11 May

Copy down Kurt Vonnegut’s Rules for writing short stories Found here.  As we read the following short story, pay attention to whether or not the author follows these rules.

12th Grade: we will start reading “Report on the Barnhouse Effect” by Kurt Vonnegut

9th Grade: we will start reading “The Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allan Poe

10th Grade: we will start reading “D.P.” Effect by Kurt Vonnegut

Review Pieces Due; Comma Work

4 May

Today our Review Pieces are due!  Label your skills and fill out the rubric before turning in.

Quick Writes:

  • What are some good qualities about you as a person?
  • What are some things about you that could use improvement?
  • How do you think other people see you?

Complete this worksheet on proper comma usage: 8 Rules of Commas

Short Stories!

20 Apr

9th Grade:

Quick Write: Is honesty always the best policy? Are there times when being honest is not a good idea?

We will begin reading “The Necklace” in class.

10th Grade:

Quick Write: Think back to an important event, realization, life changing moment in your life.  Can you trace it back to something small?  For example: I met my fiancee through my friend who was dating her friend.  I met my friend because we both play music.  Therefore, if I never started playing guitar in 9th grade, I may not have ever met my future wife!

We will begin reading “A Sound of Thunder” in class.

12th Grade:

I hope the senior trip was great!

Today we will watch a film version of Harrison Bergeron.


30 Mar

Today we will be doing vocabulary. For each word:

-Define (give part of speech)
-Write a sentence
-Create a word cloud with five items (draw the word in a circle and connect five words, items, things to the word to help you remember it).

12th Grade Words:

  1. reiterate
  2. conflagration
  3. induce
  4. anarchy
  5. strident
  6. nonchalant
  7. malleable
  8. ludicrous
  9. abridge
  10. lucid

9th Grade Words:

  1. Skeptical
  2. resignation
  3. illuminate
  4. resolution
  5. servile
  6. diligent
  7. refute
  8. anarchy
  9. miser
  10. apprehensive

10th Grade Words:

  1. remorse
  2. repress
  3. gullible
  4. repite
  5. scrutinize
  6. coalesce
  7. orthodox
  8. innate
  9. preclude
  10. efface

Outlines Due; Writing Body Paragraphs; Work on Rough Drafts

23 Mar

Today, outlines for the research paper are due.

Writing Body Paragraphs

Skill- Topic Sentence: The first sentence in a body paragraph.  It states what the paragraph will be about and is the point you will be proving in the paragraph.  This sentence should be a direct reason why your thesis is true.

More information: Indiana University

Following the format in your packet will help ensure that you have a quality body paragraph that is thoroughly proved.

  • Topic Sentence
  • Analysis
  • Primary Source (line from poem)
  • Analysis
  • Secondary Source (information from research articles)
  • Analysis
  • Transition

Working on Rough Drafts

Your typed rough draft is due, in class, on Wednesday.  On Wednesday we will discuss the finer grading points and do some peer editing to help get the highest grade possible.  Today you will have time to start your rough drafts, and tomorrow we will be in the computer lab to start typing them.

Outlining; Song Piece

16 Mar

This week we will be in the computer lab a206 on Thursday and Friday.  On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I will briefly give notes on outlining, intro paragraphs and conclusion paragraphs, respectively.  That should take less than 10 minutes and the rest of the class you will have time to work on the following…

Outlining Your Research Paper

Today there will be some brief notes about outlining (found in your packet).  An outline is just a plan on what each paragraph in your paper will be about, and the evidence you plan to use.  For your intro, simply write down your thesis.  Then for each body paragraph, write down the topic you wish to discuss and any evidence from the poem and articles that you can use to support that idea.

Outlines are Due Next Monday!

Song Piece

During this week, research paper work has been slowed slightly to work on a Song Piece.  For this piece you will choose any song and show why that song is important to you.  The notes and requirements are here Song Piece Overview.

Song Piece is Due Friday!

Don’t Fall Behind!

At this point, you should have:

  • A Poem you will be writing about
  • Thesis statement about a theme in your poem
  • Articles about your poem or topic your thesis is discussing
  • Some notes/highlights on your article (pick out what you plan to use in your paper)

Here is a calendar to help you organize March 2015

Notebook Check; Find Articles on Your Poem

8 Mar

Getting Articles on Your Poem

On Monday, we will be meeting in A206 to find articles (secondary sources) about your poem (primary source) for your research paper.  Make sure your get 3-5 articles about your poem.  Email yourself a copy and print one out.

Here are some very useful sites, link from the Virtual Reference Collection of our very own Sachem East Library.

Bloom’s Literature

Literature Resource Center

ProQuest: Learning Literature

You will need a username and a password to login; I will write those on the board in class.  Copy it into your notebook, in case you need to login from home.

* You must have your articles with you, printed out, in class, on Thursday 3/12.  You will receive a grade for having them.

Notebook Check

As you are looking for articles, I will come around the room and check your notebooks for the last two weeks.  Make sure you have any work we’ve done. I’ll be looking for:

  • Work on Tone 2/23
  • Shakespearean Sonnet Notes 2/24
  • 10 Quick Write Questions 2/25
  • Rough drafts of Sonnets 2/26-27
  • Vocabulary (words and piece revisions) 3/3
  • Analyzing Poems Notes 3/4
  • A poem for your research

On Tuesday (tomorrow) I’ll check to see that you have a page worth of notes on your poem in your notebook (use the notes from 3/4 and your packet to get ideas).


Sonnets Are Due!

2 Mar

Today we have a two hour delay, due to the snow.

During class you will receive your new Super Pass, which allows you to leave the room 10 times and turn into  2 assignments late this quarter.

Also, I will go over the new Writing Pieces Rubric ( Writing Rubric ), which gives details on how your writing will be graded.

Before you turn in your sonnet, be sure to label and define any skills you have used.