Caffeine; Picture Piece

22 May

9th Grade:

Read the article “Teen’s Death: How Caffeine Can Kill a Healthy Person” and answer the questions at the bottom.



12th Grade:

Picture Piece

Directions: For this assignment you will choose a picture (photograph from your life, magazine, internet, artwork, etc…) that is meaningful to you in some way and create a piece of writing based on that. You may choose to write in any genre, below is a list to choose from. Be sure to include any skills we have covered this year. After writing your rough draft in your notebook, a typed final copy must be submitted. Include a copy of the picture when you turn in your final copy.

Here are a few ideas:

-You may write a non-fiction essay describing and explaining why the picture is important to you.

-You may write a memoir detailing the story surrounding the picture.

-You may write a letter or a tribute to a person/people involved with the picture.

* There are many options and I encourage you to be as creative and from the heart as possible. Use your imagination; the more unique the better!

Possible Genres:

Short Story

Non-Fiction Essay



Social Commentary


Possible Skills:

Effective lead

Showing not telling

Sensory imagery

Creative fragment


Start with “ing” word





Effective title


Rule of Threes



Collect Ideas and Outline in Your Notebook Before Beginning.

Freytag’s Pyramid, “Cask” Questions

19 May

12th Grade:

Work on your Picture Piece. It is a piece of writing in which you use a photograph as motivation.

9th Grade:

Today we took notes on Freytag’s Pyramid and Conflict, and spoke about how it applies to “The Cask of Amontillado.”

In your notebook, complete the following questions on “The Cask of Amontillado“.


Picture Piece; Cask of Amontillado

18 May

12th Grade:


Today I’d like you to search for a photograph that has some importance to you. It could be of a place, people, or an event. It could even be art or something symbolic about you. In your notebook, take some notes about why the photo is important to you.

9th Grade:

Complete the following questions on “The Cask of Amontillado“. Tomorrow I will check your notebook for these questions, as well as the Reading Plan for “The Gift of the Magi.”


Narrator’s POV; Finish Anthem Piece

17 May

9th Grade: 

Today we will discuss the literary device Narrator’s Point of View. Here are the notes Narrator’s POV . Do not confuse narrator’s point of view (the literary device) with a narrator’s opinion or perspective on a topic! 

12th Grade:

Head to A205 to finish your Anthem Piece on Kidblog.

Discuss “Lady”; Work on Anthem

16 May

9th Grade:

We are going over “The Lady or The Tiger” questions. Be sure to have them in your notebook for a grade!


12th Grade: 

We are in A206 to work on the Anthem piece!

Short Story; Anthem Piece

15 May

9th Grade:

Read “The Lady or the Tiger” by Frank R. Stockton in our literature books.  In your notebook, answer the questions at the end of the story.

While reading the your short story, take notes and be sure to cover the following aspects of the story

  • who- characters
  • what- plot
  • when and where- setting
  • why- author’s purpose and the theme; central idea

12th Grade:

12th Grade: The Anthem Piece

An Anthem is a piece of writing or song that highlights and celebrates the qualities and characteristics of a particular group. Think of the national anthem for the United States. It touches on our values (freedom, bravery, liberty) as Americans, and how Americans are willing to fight for those values (bombs bursting in air… our flag was still there).

Today we will be discussing the Anthem Piece. For this piece you will write about what it means to be you. Focus on some aspect of your life. Are you an athlete, brother, sister, son, daughter, an employee somewhere, video gamer, a die-hard fan of someone or something? At the very least, all of you are teenagers on Long Island, New York, and the United States. How do you identify yourself.

Here is a Great Example Piece by someone who identifies himself as a Stop and Shop employee. Here are Two Others called “I am a Teenager” and “I am a Long Islander.”



Central Idea; Hamlet

12 May

9th Grade: Central Idea Due at the End of Class on Kidblog!

Here’s the question:

Your Task: Closely read the text provided and write a well-developed, text based response of two to three paragraphs. In your response, identify the central idea of the author and analyze how the author’s use of one writing strategy (literary element or literary technique or rhetorical device) advances this idea. Use strong and thorough evidence from the text to support your analysis. Do not simply summarize the text.

Here’s the template we have discussed: Task 3 Common core

Try using one of our Rhetorical Strategies (ethos, logos, pathos) as your literary device.

12th Grade: Hamlet Essay Due at the End of Class on Kidblog!

  • Is Hamlet a virtuous, righteous, justified character? Give examples and lines from the text to support your answer. What does he do right? What does he do wrong? Take a position and argue it. Do not say he is a little bit of both!

You essay should have an intro, 3 bodies, and a conclusion. Be sure to address all sides of the question.

Here’s the full text of Hamlet