Lab for Independent Writing

10 Oct

Today we will be in:

Period 3: A205
Period 4: A206

To work on our Independent Writing Project . Here are the 365 Creative Writing Prompts.

Need ideas and want to see what some good examples look like? Click here!

Not sure how to start? Try the BOB Method!

Brainstorm in notebook – Write down anything that comes to mind. Don’t judge! The more ideas the better.

Organize Ideas – decide what are good ideas that you could expand upon. Put them in a logical order.

Begin – only after you have some ideas and have organized them should you begin!


** Remember! I’m happy to give you time to work on your independent writing project, if you are using it effectively! Otherwise, we can find other things to do! 🙂 **


2 Word 2sDay

8 Oct

Quick Write: How do you plan to spend the day tomorrow?

Today’s words are Cursory and Obscure from the Vocabulary List. Complete a Connection Chart.  Be sure to review your older Connection Charts to add more!

Vocabulary Connection Chart Rubric

The best way to learn new things is to make connections to things you are already familiar with. The more connections you make with the words, the better your grade. NOTE: Your connections only need to make sense to you!

Below are some examples of grades:



Independent Writing Project; Appositive Worksheet

7 Oct

Quick Write: Would you prefer to be told the ugly truth or pretty lies?

Independent Writing Project

Today we will learn about the Independent Writing Project. Here is the list of 365 Creative Writing Prompts.

Appositive Worksheet

Complete the Appositive Worksheet.

Fix Me Friday; Class Participation Self Evaluation and Progress Reports

4 Oct

(Un)Fix Me Friday – Deconstructing Appositives

Break each sentence into smaller sentences.

  1. I have to face Mitch, the most intimidating player on the other team.
  2. Egon, the most intelligent Ghostbuster, thinks there is paranormal activity in the gym.
  3. Bring the article to Anna, the magazine’s editor, and she will tell you what to fix.

Self Evaluation!

Class Participation: Evaluate your class participation using this worksheet.

Progress Reports: Progress Reports go out next week. What do you think you deserve? Let me know on this worksheet!

Appositive Worksheet: When you are finished, complete the Appositive Worksheet. Circle the Appositive in each answer you give!

Vocabulary Connection Charts: If you have time, take out your folder of vocabulary connection charts. Look back at past weeks and add as much as you can. You may share ideas with other classmates.

New Skill: The Appositive!

3 Oct

New Skill! The Appositive

Here are today’s notes on Combining Sentences Using Appositives.

Vocabulary; Failure

2 Oct

Quick Write: Write about a time you failed at something. How did it feel? Did you learn anything?

Wednesday Wisdom

Two Word (Wednesday)

Today’s words are Ostentatious and Virtue, from our 9th Grade Vocabulary List.

We will complete our Connection Chart. And don’t forget to think about your Real World Vocabulary assignment.

Fix Me Friday

27 Sep

Make sure you submit your Tone/Image Place Description on Google Classroom!

Fix Me Friday

Autumn, also know as fall in north American English, is one of the four temperate seasons. Autumn is cooler than summer. In fall their’s the color change in leaves and the harvest. The date of the beggining of autumn varies according to climate, tradition, and culture. when its autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, it is Spring in the southern Hemisphere, and vice versa.

Independent Reading

Today during Independent Reading look for the use of imagery, descriptions using the five senses. Independent Reading Logs.