Music Production Club

Music Production Club Remind

Remind: Enter 81010 and Text @28b4c2

Try Ableton Live Suite for Free For 90 Days

Ableton Live is the software we use in our Music Production Club. Right now, you can try it for free for 90 days. Click here.

Learn Ableton Live and Push

Berklee Online 3 Week Intro to Ableton Live Course for Free!

Ableton’s Website: Click here to learn Live.

Ableton’s Website: Click here to learn Push.

Learn The Basics of Music Theory and Music Production

Ableton has a really helpful website that will teach you the basics of music production and music theory.

Click here to access Ableton’s learning site.

Learn Finger Drumming with Melodics

Melodics is a lot like Guitar Hero, and it will actually teach you how to play drums on your pad controller. It’s fun and a little bit each day goes a long way.

Load the Melodics application on your computer.

Sign up and use the code: EDUCATOR-32494

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