Creative Sentence Fragments

Skill: Creative Sentence Fragments- a purposefully incomplete sentence for dramatic effect.
We’ve all been taught that we must make sure we follow grammatical rules, but sometimes breaking the rules can have a powerful effect.

When to use sentence fragments:

  • To create a pause for the reader. We naturally pause at the end of a sentence.  Use fragmented sentences to slow the reader down.
  • To emphasize a thought.
  • To mimic how we speak in conversation
  • Remove action and create stillness

Here’s a handout from class creative fragments

Do not use sentence fragments in your formal writing.  Academic essays, tests, etc. are not time to creatively break the rules.  Often these types of writing assignments are trying to make sure you understand the conventions of English language.  And even in your creative writing, when sentence fragments are more acceptable, don’t over do it!

Helpful resources: Here and here


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    […] A labyrinthine sentence is a long ,complicated, purposefully run on sentence. It is used to show time passing quickly or action happening rapidly. When we read, we pause at the end of a sentence. A labyrinthine sentence prevents us from pausing.  It has nearly the opposite effect of a creative sentence fragment. […]

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