Commonly Confused Words

If you confuse the following words, people may think you are not very smart!

Than- comparisons
Then- everything else

To0- also or a large amount
Two- the number 2
To- everything else

There- Location (notice the word “here,” which is also a location, in the spelling)
They’re- They are
Their- ownership (notice the word “heir” in the spelling)

Except- used to exclude something.
Accept- to receive or willingly take

Weather- rain, snow, etc.
Whether- expresses a choice “whether or not”

Peace- calm, quiet, tranquility
Piece- a portion of something (notice the word “pie” in the spelling)

Were- past tense of verb “to be” ex: We were happy yesterday.
We’re- We are
Where- Location (notice the word “here” in the spelling)

Affect- verb – to make a difference
Effect- noun- a change. Cause and effect

Your- Ownership
You’re- You Are

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