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Last Day of School!

12 Jun

Senior Portfolios Due Today; Freshmen Portfolios Due Tomorrow!

8 Jun

Seniors must have their portfolios in today by 11:59PM. Any portfolio received Friday will only be worth half credit. After Friday, no portfolios will be accepted!

Freshmen must have their portfolios in Friday by 11:59PM!

All requirements are listed here.

A great example to follow is posted here.

Final Portfolio Requirements

1 Jun

Our last days of class will be spent working on our Final Portfolio. The Final Portfolio is a chance for you to showcase your best writing of the year. It is a major part of your grade.

Here is the grading breakdown:

  • 9th Grade: 25% of the 4th Quarter Grade
  • 12th Grade: Final Exam Grade (15% of the Year Grade)

Due Dates:

  • 9th Grade: Friday, June 9th
  • 12th Grade: Thursday, June 8th

There will 5 days of class spent in the computer lab/ library to work on this project, which if spent wisely, should be plenty of time. You can also work on it at home.

Here is a great example of a Final Portfolio. Notice how it is very easy to see what each section is and where all of the requirements are.


Our Final Portfolio will be completed digitally, using an Adobe Spark page. Adobe Spark is an online design app that you will use to create a sharable web page showcasing your final portfolio. It is accessible anywhere there is an internet connection. Your project will be a single web page, broken into the various sections listed below. It should include relevant multimedia (images, video, music) to add to the design.

  1. Title Section (10 points)- A title for your portfolio, with your name and a background image.
  2. Dear Reader (10 points)- (About 50-100 words) – Tell the reader what they can expect to find in your portfolio. Explain your theme. You may include anything that you think the readers should know or would be helpful to their understand of your work.
  3. Dedication (10 points)– About 50 words- Dedicate your portfolio to someone or something that is important to you. You may think of it as a special thanks or tribute. Explain why you are dedicating your work to this person/thing.
  4. Four Original Writing Pieces (25 points)– Any four pieces you’ve written this year. Try to use ones that are most meaningful to you and/or connect with the overall theme of your work.
  5. Reflections for each Writing Piece (15 points)- About 50 words each – After each of your four writing pieces there should be a reflection. Explain why you chose each piece for your portfolio, what you like about each piece, and any other interesting facts (where you got the idea, any struggles or unique skills or techniques you used).
  6. Reflective Piece (20 points)- Minimum of 250 words – Look back on the last year of your life (seniors you may choose to write about your entire high school career). Details:  9th Grade Reflective Piece   and 12th Grade Reflective Piece
  7. About The Author (10 points)– About 100 words. Tell the readers about yourself. Write it in the third person. Tell about your background, interests, and any important information. Include something about your hopes for the future. Add a picture of yourself.

Steps to Complete the Portfolio:

  • Collect your writing pieces. Reread your work from the year and pick your best writing. You must choose at least 4 of your writing pieces throughout the year. (Check Kidblog, Google Drive, and your notebook).
  • Look for a common theme or idea throughout your pieces.
  • Create a title and find an image that reflects that theme.
  • Write your Dear Reader piece. Explain the theme and what readers can expect to see in your portfolio.
  • Write your Dedication. Who or what has had a significant impact on your life? Pay tribute and give thanks.
  • Proofread and edit your pieces before placing them in your Portfolio page.
  • Write your reflections for each of your four writing pieces.
  • Write your Reflective Piece. Take a look at your Letter to Your Future Self. Think about how you’ve grown since September.
  • Write your About the Author piece. Use the third person (as if someone else was writing about you).
  • Look for multimedia (images, videos, music, etc) relevant to your pieces and overall theme. Add them to your page where appropriate.
  • Proofread
  • Preview your page.
  • Ask someone else to proofread.
  • Proofread again 🙂

Turning in Your Portfolio

  • Click the Share button at the top center of your Adobe Spark Page. Select a category (it doesn’t matter) and click Create Link.
  • Copy that Link.
  • Create a post on Kidblog titled “Final Portfolio.” Paste the link in the post. Make sure the link is clickable.
  • Publish your post to Public.
  • Enjoy the sense of relief at finishing your final English assignment!



Final Essays; All Work Due Monday June 5th

31 May

Today we will be finishing our final essays. Take your time, proofread, and make sure it is your best work.

All Work Must Be in By Monday, June 5th!

You will see your averages for the fourth quarter so far. If you want to revise or make up any work, it must be in by Monday, June 5th.

Notebooks will be checked Monday, June 5th. Late notebooks will be penalized 25 points per day.

Final Exam Essays Tuesday and Wednesday

30 May

Today and Tomorrow we will be working on our final exam essay!

9th Graders, the multiple choice portion of the final exam is Friday.

Notebooks and all missing work due Monday June 5th!

Central Idea; Picture Piece

24 May

9th Grade:

Today we will have notes on how to find the central idea and a literary device. We will then start writing our Central Idea and Literary Device essay in our notebooks.

Article: Caffeine

Notes: finding central ideas and literary devices and Task 3 Common core

Tomorrow I will check that you have this week’s work in your notebook

  • 10 questions in Caffeine Article
  • Label Ethos, Logos, and Pathos on the article
  • outline of central idea and evidence, and literary device and evidence
  • full essay in your notebook

Remember! The Final Exam essay is next Tuesday and Wednesday, and the multiple choice is Friday!

12th Grade:

Go to the library to post your Picture Piece. It must be posted by the end of the day Thursday.

Directions: For this assignment you will choose a picture (photograph from your life, magazine, internet, artwork, etc…) that is meaningful to you in some way and create a piece of writing based on that. You may choose to write in any genre, below is a list to choose from. Be sure to include any skills we have covered this year. After writing your rough draft in your notebook, a typed final copy must be submitted. Include a copy of the picture when you turn in your final copy.

Here are a few ideas:

-You may write a non-fiction essay describing and explaining why the picture is important to you.

-You may write a memoir detailing the story surrounding the picture.

-You may write a letter or a tribute to a person/people involved with the picture.

* There are many options and I encourage you to be as creative and from the heart as possible. Use your imagination; the more unique the better!

Possible Genres:

Short Story

Non-Fiction Essay



Social Commentary


Possible Skills:

Effective lead

Showing not telling

Sensory imagery

Creative fragment


Start with “ing” word





Effective title


Rule of Threes



Collect Ideas and Outline in Your Notebook Before Beginning.

Caffeine and the Final Essay; Picture Piece and Literature Review

23 May

9th Grade:

We will finish the questions on the Caffeine article.

-Label any examples of Ethos, Logos, or Pathos.

-In your notebook, identify the central idea and evidence from the text, as well as a literary device and evidence from the text.

12th Grade:

We will do some brief literature review and then you will have time to work on your picture piece. Tomorrow we will be in the Library to type it up and post to Kidblog.