The Good Old Days; Vocab; New Year New You

13 Jan

Wednesday Wisdom

These are the good old days!

Two Word (Wednesday?) Vocabulary

Today we will go over the words Precarious and Congregate from our 9th Grade Vocabulary list.

New Year New You Writing Piece

Our next writing piece is to write about a goal you have for yourself this year.

Using the questionnaire you filled out last time, put together a writing piece about your your goal for 2021.

How to organize your writing:

Introduction: Begin with a story that shows what and why you want to change. (This is an effective lead, which shows your motivation and gets the reader interested).

Body 1: State your goal and your reasons for wanting to achieve it. Think big picture.

Body 2: Break your goal down into smaller steps that you can measure. Think daily or weekly.

Body 3: How will you keep on track? Who is involved? When? Where?

Conclusion: Explain how you will feel when you accomplish the goal. What will you do if you fall off track? What’s next? (Looking towards the future is often a great way to end a piece of writing).

Here are some decent example pieces. Read them for ideas on how to complete the piece.

Minimum word requirement: 250

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