Continue Looking Back on 2020…

5 Jan

Quick Writes: 2020 was a year unlike any. We will take a little time to reflect on the year. Answer these Quick Writes in your notebook. (Think 50-100 words each).

  1. Pandemic Summer:
    How did your summer go? Did you work? Did you get to spend time with your friends? Did you do anything fun? Vacation? New hobbies? Did you go to restaurants? Beach? What are some things you did and how did you safely go about these activities/experiences?
  2. School:
    Take your time here to describe what it was like actually going back to school. What safety precautions were put in place? What looked different in the building? On your bus? Hallways? Lockers? Classrooms? Lunch? Gym? Did you get to see your friends? Were you able to speak with them? Did you get to meet any new people? What were classes like in the beginning? How were they different from previous years? How is the hybrid model working out?
  3. Special Celebrations: Did you have any special celebrations during the pandemic? How did you celebrate birthdays? Fourth of July? Halloween? Thanksgiving? Christmas? Who was there? How did you celebrate? What safety measures did you follow?
  4. People You Haven’t Seen: Think about the people you haven’t been able to see in a while. Are there people you have been missing? Have you been keeping in touch using Zoom? Have you visited anyone in a creative way, like visits through a window or from a far distance?
  5. Changes in Yourself Over the Past Year: Some people have noticed that they changed quite a bit over the past year. Some became more focused on school and goals. Some became healthier, or maybe less healthy, through changes in eating and/or exercise habits. Some have grown closer to family members. Some have learned something new or took up a new hobby. Some have noticed a bit of a loss of some skills/abilities from less time to practice. Have you noticed any changes in yourself, for the better and/for the worse?
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