A Look Back on 2020

4 Jan

Today we start school remotely, another unusual event in a long line of strange happenings!

Watch this video that looks back at our time from far into the future.

Quick Writes: 2020 was a year unlike any. We will take a little time to reflect on the year. Answer these Quick Writes in your notebook. (Think 50-100 words each).

  1. Before the Lockdown: How did your year start off? Were you excited about the new year, 2020? Did you ring in the new year in any special way? With whom? What were your expectations for the new year? Did you have any goals and/or plans?

2. Reaction to school closing:  How did you react when school first closed on March 13th? Were you excited, concerned, upset, etc?

3. Distance learning: What were your experiences with distance learning? Be as specific as you can, referring to specific classes and assignments. What difficulties did you have? What did you learn? Enjoy? How much time did it take each day? Were there issues with technology?

4. Life at home: What was life at home like in the beginning of the pandemic? Non-essential stores were closed, restaurants, too. Everything non-essential was closed. What did you do at home? Did you spend time with your family? Did you take walks? Play games? Watch movies? Was it frustrating being together all the time? Did you or your family watch a lot of news reports? Did you watch Governor Cuomo every day? Did having a pet help you in any way?

5. Front line workers: Were you a front line worker? Did you/ do you work in an “essential business” or organization and had to go to work with so much uncertainty as to how the virus was spreading? What were your experiences like? Did you have a family member who was/is a frontline worker – a doctor, nurse, medical professional, grocery worker, public servant, etc.? How did this seem to affect them or the family?

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