Effective Title and Bookending; Memoir Requirements

13 Oct

Quick Write: What are some great titles of movies, books, songs, shows, etc.? Why are they good titles?

Skill: Effective Title

A good title gets the reader’s attention, creates interest, might raise questions, hint at the plot without giving it all away.  Sometimes it comes from a line in the story or something someone says. It may contain a play on words or a familiar expression.

*Articles in newspapers aren’t titled “Newspaper Article.” TV shows are not titled “TV Show.”

Great book titles here and here

Quick Write: What did you learn from the experience you are writing about in your memoir? Emphasizing a lesson or growth that resulted from the experience can be a great way to end.

Skill Bookending

Bookending– A technique for ending a writing piece, in which an idea that was brought up earlier in the piece is returned to.  Sometimes referred to as a frame story.

Read the Time Magazine Article about the roller coaster Goliath.  Notice the way the story is structured. The author begins with a little bit about the roller coaster Goliath.  Next he is on line waiting to ride the coaster.  The story switches focus and discusses other large roller coasters and coaster technology.  Finally at the end, he returns to his riding of the roller coaster.  He has created a “bookend” structure, in which an idea/situation is introduced, departed from, and then ultimately returned to.  This creates closure in the writing piece.

Examples from movies:

The Princess Bride– The story starts with a grandfather reading a story to his sick grandson.  The actual movie is the story, but every once in a while the “bookend” or “frame story” is reintroduced.  The movie ends with the grandfather and the boy finishing the book.

The Wizard of Oz– The story begins with a tornado in Kansas.  Dorothy is knocked unconscious and awakens in the land of Oz.  The story ends with Dorothy awakening from a dream back in Kansas.

Memoir Requirements

Now we are ready to write our final drafts of our memoir! The assignment is on Google Classroom.

A memoir is a story from your life. It is not the full life story, just a chapter of the story. It may be a story that took years to unfold (your 4 years of high school) or it may have only taken a few moments (what happened when the assistant principal called you into her office).  It can be about an important life event or it can show the importance of normal, everyday events (after all, this is what most of our lives are made up of). Usually there is some lesson or wisdom gained.


Grading Rubric

This document shows how your piece will be graded.

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