Coming Up with Memoir Ideas; Use Specific Details

2 Oct

Announcement! (Read Directions Carefully!)

The directions for our last assignment in Google Classroom Six Word Memoir/Showing Not Telling stated:

1. Post a Six Word Memoir.

2. Showing Not Telling: Post a 3-5 sentence paragraph, using showing not telling, for both A and B.

A. School is weird this year.

B. I feel nervous.

Make sure you are doing all parts of the assignment!!!

Quick Write:

Write about an experience in your life that changed you.

Memoir Example

We will be writing our own memoirs. Today we will look at an excellent memoir by a former student.

Read an Example of a Memoir from a student, “Little” on page 6.

New Skill: Using Specific Details

Use Specific Details: The more specific you can be in your writing, the more impact it will have on the reader.

  • Use brand names (“Air Jordans” instead of “shoes”)
  • Song titles, movie/tv show titles, etc (“‘Kurt Cobain’s scream in ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’” instead of “loud music”)
  • People’s words (“Get over here now!” instead of “the principal called me”)

In 3-5 sentences in your notebook, illustrate the following by using specific details:

  • The woman is rich.
  • It is raining very hard.
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