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How to Write Effective Emails

17 Sep

Quick Write: What is the main point of the video? Why does the speaker discuss a history of the universe? How can you apply this information to your own life?

How to Write Effective Emails

Today we will go over how to write effective emails. It’s likely you will be sending more emails than ever. Learn how to present yourself in the best possible manner, show respect and appreciation for who you are writing, and clearly communicate your needs so you can get what you want!

Here are the notes:

Notebooks and Paragraphs

15 Sep

Quick Write: How was your remote learning experience last spring? What were the parts you liked, what were the parts you disliked? In viewing the video above, what struggles do you think are represented here?

Notebook Grading

We will review the grading and expectations for your notebook.

Organizing Ideas Into Paragraphs

One of the most important aspects of your writing is organization. If your writing is not organized, it will be difficult for your reader to follow what you are saying.

Here are the notes.

Letter to Your Future Self

11 Sep

Quick Write: How do you feel you are using your time in life so far? Are you wasting it or making the most of it? What areas could you improve?

The Ideal Graduate

Here are some of the characteristics the class came up with for the ideal graduate. We will keep these big picture ideas in mind during the school year:

Hard working, flexible, compassionate, good social skills, creative, open minded, caring, respectful, determined, knows how to seek help, helps others, know how to learn, critical thinking, to know what information to believe.

Letter To Future Self

Today we will work on the Letter to Your Future Self. Use the goals you wrote about in your notebook last time.

Join our Newsela Class:

Newsela is a site for reading comprehension that we will be using.

Period 4:

Period 5:

The First Day of School!

9 Sep
“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.” – Henry Ford

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.” – Henry Ford

Getting to Know Each Other

We will go around the room, state our names, answer 2 “would you rathers,” and say one thing we like to do with our free time.

Would You Rather…

  • go to the beach in the summer or skiing in the winter?
  • be super famous and poor or unknown and rich?
  • live on the beach or in a cabin in the woods?
  • lose your sense of taste or your sense of smell?
  • live on a houseboat or in an RV?
  • live in space or under the sea?
  • be able to talk with animals or speak all foreign languages?
  • be able to fly or be invisible?
  • never eat your favorite five foods again or only eat your favorite five foods for the rest of your life?
  • have more time or more money?
  • listen to music or play sports

Class Supplies

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 7.42.51 PM

Marble Composition Notebook
Every student needs to have a marble composition notebook, exclusively for English class. Your notebook is a major part of the class and your grade. I will give you more details in the next few days. PS, these are currently on sale for $.50 at Staples.

Quick Write Journal Entry

What are some goals you have for the 2020-2021 school year? These can be personal and/or academic.

The Ideal Graduate

On Google Classroom, complete the Ideal Graduate form.

2020-2021 Google Classroom Links

6 Sep

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!
Here are our Google Classroom links and join codes.

English 9/10 ENL Period 1
Join Code: uaihwzz

English 9R Period 4
Join Code: sqkwiwb

English 9R Period 5
Join Code: zsjzqat

English 9/10 ENL Period 6
Join Code: ctnrpaf

English 9AIS Period 8
Join Code: 7inb663