Week 7: 6/1-6/5

1 Jun

Periods 1 and 6 ENL :

Assignment on Google Classroom.

Period 8 AIS:

Quizziz on Complete Sentences

Go to Quizziz: https://quizizz.com/join?gc=3623850

Enter the code: 3623850

Use your real name so I can give you credit!

Play the game as many times as you like to get the grade you want!

Due Monday June 8th at 10:00AM.

Period 3 and 4 English 9R

Vocabulary Review:

Go over our 9th Grade Vocabulary Words for the entire year.

Choose 3 words that you feel describe you as a person.

For each word, explain why you chose that word for yourself. Give examples of experiences from your life to help illustrate your point (between 50-100 words per word).

Due Monday June 8th at 10:00AM.




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