Week 6: 5/26-5/29

26 May

Periods 1 and 6 ENL :

Assignment on Google Classroom.

Period 8 AIS:

Quizziz on Parts of Speech

Go to Quizziz: https://quizizz.com/join?gc=2776869

Enter the code: 2776869

Use your real name so I can give you credit!

Play the game as many times as you like to get the grade you want!

Due Monday June 1st at 10:00AM.

Period 3 and 4 English 9R

Regents Task 3 Practice – Complete on Google Classroom:

Watch the following video called The Present:

Complete the Regents Task 3 Assignment:

Watch The Present and write a well-developed, text based response of two to three paragraphs.  In your response, identify the central idea of the author and analyze how the author’s use of one writing strategy (literary element or literary technique or rhetorical device) advances this idea. Use strong and thorough evidence from the text to support your analysis. Do not simply summarize the text.

Here are the notes on how to write the essay, including a template you can follow: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/18H4juMlLzYgtaTwEMCd28hLee8WTyYgsBmF2OGjmFus/edit?usp=sharing

Due Monday June 1st at 10:00 am



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