Week 3: 5/4-5/8

4 May

Periods 1 and 6 ENL :

Assignment on Google Classroom.

Period 8 AIS:

Quizziz on Commonly Confused Words

Go to Quizziz: https://quizizz.com/join?gc=971330

Enter the code: 971330

Use your real name so I can give you credit!

Play the game as many times as you like to get the grade you want!

Due Friday May 8th at 11:45PM.

Period 3 and 4 English 9R

Romeo and Juliet

Here is a short one page summary of the play.

Here is a list of the characters in the play.

Watch the 2013 film version of Romeo and Juliet:

Assignment: As you watch, make a list of any time you notice Dramatic Irony (when the audience knows something any of the characters do not know). Turn this in as a bullet points.

Due Monday May 11th at 11am.



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