Ethical Dilemmas and Of Mice and Men

12 Feb

Ethical Dilemma

An Ethical Dilemma is a problem in which none of the possible solutions are ideal . Usually they involve choosing between personal and societal values.

In your group discuss the following dilemma:

Last week you catch your coworker at the pizza place stealing money from the cash register. You don’t say anything until you see her doing it again today. You confront her and she begs you not to say anything, she needs the money to help her family pay for a life saving operation on her little brother. What do you do?






Next week you find out an older coworker (a single parent) got blamed for the stealing and was fired. What do you do?

Period 4: Of Mice and Men Film

Complete this Of Mice and Men Film Worksheet by the time the movie is over.

Period 3: George Grey Essay

Today you will create an outline for a task 3 essay using the poem George Grey.

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