Literary Devices in “I Have a Dream”

30 Jan

Quick Write: Find something in the room you never noticed before. Write about that for a minute or two.

More Skills!

AllusionMetaphor, and Anaphora

“I Have a Dream” Literary Devices Assignment

Notice his use of the skills: AllusionMetaphor, and Anaphora

In your group, identify an example of each of the three literary devices in MLK’s speech. Provide an example from the text (quote) and the page you found it on. Explain how the example shows the skill.

Write these examples in your notebook. I will collect one notebook from each group to give an assignment grade to all members of the group. Make sure your partners are doing their work!

Here is an example of what your answers should look like:

Anaphora: Repetition of the first words for dramatic effect.

“I have a dream…” (123-124)

King starts multiple paragraphs with “I have a dream” to emphasize his hopes for the future and make his point memorable.

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