2 Word Tuesday; Review Essay for Midterm

14 Jan

Review Midterm Question

Here are the notes on how to write the Midterm essay question.

PRO TIP! Look for the Literary Devices you will see in any work of fiction: Narrator’s POV, Characterization, Conflict, Setting. It’s easier to look for these than to search for others that may not be there! Ask yourself how these devices help get the main idea of the story across to readers.

Two Word Tuesday

Bolster and Undermine from the 9th Grade Vocabulary list.

Complete a Connection Chart for these two words and put it in your folder.

2nd Quarter Vocabulary Assignments Due Thursday

Be Sure to turn in your Vocabulary Connection Charts and your Real World Vocabularyfor the 2nd quarter words (Fracas, Lucid, Caricature, Daunting, Corroborate, Assess, Precarious, Congregate, Bolster, Undermine).

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