Complete Sentences; Of Mice and Men

8 Jan

Wednesday Wisdom

“Most people live their lives dwelling on things that happened in the past and worrying about the future. They never live in the present and therefore, never actually exist.” -E. P. Worrel

Quick Write: Do you spend your time living in the moment? Or are you living in the past (which is gone) or a future (which has not and may not arrive)?

Complete Sentence or Fragment

In your notebook, write whether each sentence is complete or fragmented. If it is a fragment, fix it to be complete.

_________ 11. Could you hear the noise of the waterfall?
_________ 12. Before you could see it.
_________ 13. We could not paddle against the wind unless the guide helped us.
_________ 14. The wind blowing spray over us.
_________ 15. Drenched to the skin.
_________ 16. The rapids in the river were occasional hazards.
_________ 17. The excitement of shooting the rapids.
_________ 18. We steered and balanced carefully.
_________ 19. Around boulders in the stream.
_________ 20. Deciding whether to go through the rapids or portage the canoe around

Of Mice and Men

We will continue with Of Mice and Men, starting at the middle of page 73 and 2:05:57  into the Audiobook.

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