Complete Sentences; Of Mice and Men

6 Jan

Quick Write: How was your break? What were some highlights of the last two weeks?

Important Dates:

1/15: Notebooks are Due
1/17: Last day to hand in any work for the 2nd quarter

Complete Sentence or Fragment

In your notebook, write whether each sentence is complete or fragmented. If it is a fragment, fix it to be complete.

_________ 1. Taking a canoe trip in Canada.
_________ 2. Sufficient food for a week’s journey.
_________ 3. Others had camped there before us.
_________ 4. Ashes indicated the place.
_________ 5. Where their fire had been.
_________ 6. How clearly was the trail marked?
_________ 7. A village at the end of the trail.
_________ 8. The group spent the morning together.
_________ 9. Talking over plans for the afternoon.
_________ 10. As we rounded a bend in the river.

Of Mice and Men

We will continue with Of Mice and Men, starting at the bottom of page 61 and 1:45:00 into the Audiobook.


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