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Literary Devices in “I Have a Dream”; Assembly from Guidance

31 Jan

Today we will go over our answers for the literary devices in “I Have a Dream.” Your group will present any of the 3 literary devices (allusion, anaphora, extended metaphor) to the class.

Literary Devices in “I Have a Dream”

30 Jan

Quick Write: Find something in the room you never noticed before. Write about that for a minute or two.

More Skills!

AllusionMetaphor, and Anaphora

“I Have a Dream” Literary Devices Assignment

Notice his use of the skills: AllusionMetaphor, and Anaphora

In your group, identify an example of each of the three literary devices in MLK’s speech. Provide an example from the text (quote) and the page you found it on. Explain how the example shows the skill.

Write these examples in your notebook. I will collect one notebook from each group to give an assignment grade to all members of the group. Make sure your partners are doing their work!

Here is an example of what your answers should look like:

Anaphora: Repetition of the first words for dramatic effect.

“I have a dream…” (123-124)

King starts multiple paragraphs with “I have a dream” to emphasize his hopes for the future and make his point memorable.

Wednesday Wisdom “The Last Time”

29 Jan

Quick Write: In your average day, how often are you lost in thought? How often are you not really paying attention to what is happening right now, in the moment, and instead thinking about the past, the future, or anything besides what you are actually doing?

Skill- Anecdote

A short story to help prove a point.

Often people will cite anecdotal evidence as proof.
-“Orange juice cures a cold. My grandma drinks orange juice as soon as she gets sick and her cold is gone in two days.”
-Lots of commercials use this form of persuasion. “I lost twenty pounds eating only Cheerios.”  Often you will notice a disclaimer to the effect of “results not typical,” because this is merely anecdotal evidence, it is not scientific proof.

Here’s a link for more info.

Wednesday Wisdom

Sam Harris “The Last Time”

Keep track of any anecdotes he uses to make his point.

Two Word Tuesday; I Have a Dream

28 Jan

Two Word Tuesday

Apathy and Articulate from the 9th Grade Vocabulary list.

Complete a Connection Chart for these two words and put it in your folder.

I Have a Dream

You will complete the questions from the worksheet with your group.


MLK “I Have a Dream”

27 Jan

Quick Write: How have you done in the first half of ninth grade? Are you achieving your goals? What do you want to change?

I Have A Dream

Today we will read along and view Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

Answerthese questionsas you listen.

Finish Any Missing Work

17 Jan

All Second Quarter Work is Due Today!

Today is the last day to turn in any missing work or revise any assignments. You will have computer access to finish any work.

  • Period 3 Go To A206
  • Period 4 Go To Library

Midterm: Tuesday 1/21 at 8am

  • Period 3: Room A225
  • Period 4: Room A226


Vocabulary Work Due; Finish OMAM Essay

16 Jan

Vocabulary Work Due

Be Sure to turn in your Vocabulary Connection Charts and your Real World Vocabulary for the 2nd quarter words (Fracas, Lucid, Caricature, Daunting, Corroborate, Assess, Precarious, Congregate, Bolster, Undermine).

Review Midterm Question

Here are the notes on how to write the Midterm essay question.

Together, in class, we will finish writing an essay using Of Mice and Men.

Tomorrow Is the Last Day to Turn in Work for the Second Quarter!