Of Mice and Men

14 Nov

Quick Write: What do your friends mean to you? Do you have many friends? Do you have close friends? What does it mean to be a good friend?

Of Mice and Men

Today we will start reading Of Mice and Men.

Chapter One Vocabulary:

Junctures (n): connections
Debris (n): trash, broken pieces of something
Recumbent (adj): lying back, resting, leaning
Morosely (adv): in a sad or gloomy way
Lumber (v): to move clumsily or heavily
Brusquely (adv): angrily and abruptly
Pantomime (adv): dramatic gestures
Contemplate (v): to think deeply
Imperiously (adv): in a dominant or dictatorial way
Anguished (adj): anxiety and torment
Yammer (v): whimper

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