Review Task 3 Regents Essay for Quarterly

1 Nov

Fix Me Friday

Edit the following sentences:

  1. make sure youre independent writing is finished by monday.
  2. Dont forget: notebooks are due on wednesday. 
  3. Your not going to be able to use your late pass on either assignment.
  4. Late notebooks and independent writing loose 25 points per day.
  5. The quarterly will be giving on monday.
  6. The last day im excepting work is Friday.

Getting Ready for the Quarterly

Today we will review how to write the Task 3 Regents essay. This is the same style of essay you will write in your Quarterly Exam on Monday.

These notes will help you when discussing how the literary devices develops the main idea/theme of the reading.

Some helpful notes on Narrator’s Point of View

First Person in Video Games

Third Person in Video Games

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