Fix Me Friday; Class Participation Self Evaluation and Progress Reports

4 Oct

(Un)Fix Me Friday – Deconstructing Appositives

Break each sentence into smaller sentences.

  1. I have to face Mitch, the most intimidating player on the other team.
  2. Egon, the most intelligent Ghostbuster, thinks there is paranormal activity in the gym.
  3. Bring the article to Anna, the magazine’s editor, and she will tell you what to fix.

Self Evaluation!

Class Participation: Evaluate your class participation using this worksheet.

Progress Reports: Progress Reports go out next week. What do you think you deserve? Let me know on this worksheet!

Appositive Worksheet: When you are finished, complete the Appositive Worksheet. Circle the Appositive in each answer you give!

Vocabulary Connection Charts: If you have time, take out your folder of vocabulary connection charts. Look back at past weeks and add as much as you can. You may share ideas with other classmates.

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