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Wednesday Wisdom and Commonly Confused Words

18 Sep

Quick Write: How do you:

  • Keep track of the work you need to do in school?
  • The papers you need to save for later?
  • Organize your notebooks?
  • Stay aware of due dates?
  • Do you use a calendar?

Wednesday Wisdom: Make friends with anxiety

Period 3: We will do yesterday’s Two Word Tuesday

Period 4: We will complete a Commonly Confused Words worksheet.

Two Word Tuesday

17 Sep

Quick Write: Yesterday you wrote 3 sentences about limiting cell phone use in class, while conveying a particular emotion. Today, write you paragraph one a separate sheet of paper. Name the emotion you were trying to achieve and circle any words that you used to convey it.

Real World Vocabulary

Part of our vocabulary grade will be to keep track of how you use or encounter any 5 of our vocabulary words. Today you will receive the Real World Vocabulary document that you will fill out. You may keep this in your class project folder, located in the filing cabinet in the front of the classroom.

Two Word Tuesday

This week’s words will be Disdain and Anarchy from the 9th Grade Vocabulary List. Be sure to complete your Connection Chart for these words.

New Skill: Tone

16 Sep

Turn in your Independent Reading Worksheet!

Quick Write: Write about a time when something you said got taken the wrong way by another person. Could you have said it better? Why did the person take it the wrong way?

New Skill! Tone

Tone: The author/speaker’s attitude. This is shown by their word choice.

Just as the music changes the feeling of comedic and family friendly film Mrs. Doubtfire into a scary horror film, the words we choose can drastically change the emotions we convey on a topic.

For Example, identify the emotion behind each phrase:

  • Shut the @$%^ Up!
  • Be Quiet!
  • Could you please lower your voice?
  • Do you mind turning it down a little bit, I am having trouble hearing? Thanks!

We must choose words carefully to express our emotions.

What is the tone in this teacher’s cell phone contract?:

“The infiltration of electronic devices of all types has virtually destroyed the education process. To combat this unacceptable situation, I am enforcing a mandatory rule that all students keep their electronic devices in a locked bin at the front of the room.

If a student violates this rule, their device will be confiscated and the student will be disciplined severely.”

Which words carry emotional weight? Underline them.

What are the main points and objectives of this contract?

In your notebook, rewrite the contract with a different emotional tone. Underline key emotional words you used to change the tone.



Fix Me Friday; Independent Reading

13 Sep

Fix Me Friday

Write a corrected version of each sentence in your notebook

  • In September 1846, a german astronomer, Johann Galle became the first to observe the planet Neptune.
  • The eighth plant, Neptune is named for the roman god of the Sea.
  • Neptune is about 30 times farther from the sun then planet earth is.
  • Sometimes Neptunes orbit crosses that of Pluto;

Independent Reading

Today we will be doing Independent Reading.

Complete this worksheet for credit.

Vocabulary Connection Chart

12 Sep

Quick Write: Come up with some possible meanings for this picture (the more the better).

Vocabulary Connection Chart

Create a Connection Chart for both of yesterday’s words (optimism and pessimism). The more connections the better! They only need to make sense to you. Some of the most powerful connections I’ve made with vocabulary words seem completely random and nonsensical to any sane person, but they help me remember the word!

Put charts on your folder.

8th Period: Grammar – Commonly Confused Words

Vocabulary; Participation

11 Sep

Quick Write: Imagine it is June 2019. Write about one thing you did well this past school year. How did you make it happen?

Wednesday Wisdom

About Class Participation Self Evaluation and you will also get your Super Pass!

Two Word Tuesday? On a Wednesday?

Normally, on Tuesdays, we do Two Word Tuesday. Every Tuesday we go over two new vocabulary words. This allow us to focus on and go deep with two words. Since we missed Tuesday this week and missed it last week, we will do vocabulary today.

9th Grade Vocabulary List.  Today’s words are Optimism and Pessimism.

8th Period: Grammar – Commonly Confused Words

Write Your Important Object Paragraph

10 Sep


Period 3: Go to A205
Period 4: Go to A206
Period 8: Go to Library

Today we will be typing our well organized paragraph on an important object on Google Classroom.

Log into your Sachem Google Account:

UsernameUse your regular computer login, then add

PasswordSach.(last 4 numbers of your ID)
Example:   Sach.1234
(The S must be a capital!)

Sign Up For Google Classroom

Click here to get to Google Classroom. Use the appropriate join code:

Period 3bbbvne5

Period 434avjld

Period 8: iw9ob7

Complete the Assignment on Google Classroom

Write a well organized paragraph about an important object in your life.

1 Topic Sentence
3 Supporting Sentences
1 Concluding Sentence