Use Sensory Imagery in Your Tone Place Descriptions

26 Sep

Period 3 go to: A205
Period 4 go to: Library

Add Imagery to Your Tone Place Descriptions

Revise your Tone Place Description Assignment in Google Classroom. Add in some sensory imagery to make it more exciting. Use our Advanced Imagery techniques too! (check notes below).

Show Where You Used Imagery and Tone with Comments

Wherever you used Tone or Imagery, make a comment on your paper. Instructions on adding comments are below. Comments should follow this format:

“Imagery: (sense you are using)”

“Tone: (emotion you are using)”

“Weaving action w/ description”

How to Add Comments in Google Docs

In a document on which you have editing or commenting rights, highlight or place your cursor next to the text, image, cell, or slide to which you want to add a comment. Click either the comment icon in the toolbar or the one that appears on the righthand side of the document.

A comment box opens up. Type in your comment and then click “Comment” to submit your notes.

Imagery: Use the five senses to describe your place.

  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Taste
  • Touch
  • Smell

Weave the action with the descriptions. 

  • Sentence Structure: As (noun) (verb), …
    Ex: As Mr. Funk read the example, Marvin was playing Cup Pong with four other students in the class.
    Ex: As the dog barked, the burglar tried to quiet him with a piece of hamburger.
  • Sentence Structure: Start sentence with words like “during,” “while,” “before,” “after.”
    Ex: After the lights went out, everyone in the elevator panicked.
    Ex: While the fire alarm rang through the building, the firefighter rushed in to save people.
  • Sentence Structure: Start sentences with “-ing” words.
    Ex: Running through the woods, Mr. Funk made his escape from the gang of angry students.
    Ex: Digging through her backpack, Janet pretended to search for the homework she knew she didn’t do.

(Here are the full imagery notes)

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