Advanced Imagery

25 Sep

Quick Write: You just earned $100! How will you use it and why?

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Advanced Imagery

We have learned about imagery, which is descriptive language that uses any of the five sense.  Today we will discuss some more advanced uses of the skill. Review this Writer’s Digest article.

Advanced Imagery Techniques

Don’t stop the story to give descriptions. Instead, weave your descriptions into the action.

Instead of: He shook Hulk Hogan’s hand.  Hogan’s hands were calloused and tough from the years of training , body slams and grappling.
Write: As he shook Hulk Hogan’s hand, he could feel the years of training, body slams and grappling in the callouses of Hogan’s palms.

In the first example, there is action then the description follows, slowing down the pace of the story. In the second, there is action and description at the same time, The second example is better because it weaves the action and description together, keeping the story moving.

How to Weave Descriptions and Actions together

Sentence Structure: As (noun) (verb), …

Ex: As Mr. Funk read the example, Marvin was playing Cup Pong with four other students in the class.

Ex: As the dog barked, the burglar tried to quiet him with a piece of hamburger.

Sentence Structure: Start sentence with words like “during,” “while,” “before,” “after.”

Ex: After the lights went out, everyone in the elevator panicked.

Ex: While the fire alarm rang through the building, the firefighter rushed in to save people.

Sentence Structure: Start sentences with “-ing” words.

Ex: Running through the woods, Mr. Funk made his escape from the gang of angry students.

Ex: Digging through her backpack, Janet pretended to search for the homework she knew she didn’t do.

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