New Skill: Tone

16 Sep

Turn in your Independent Reading Worksheet!

Quick Write: Write about a time when something you said got taken the wrong way by another person. Could you have said it better? Why did the person take it the wrong way?

New Skill! Tone

Tone: The author/speaker’s attitude. This is shown by their word choice.

Just as the music changes the feeling of comedic and family friendly film Mrs. Doubtfire into a scary horror film, the words we choose can drastically change the emotions we convey on a topic.

For Example, identify the emotion behind each phrase:

  • Shut the @$%^ Up!
  • Be Quiet!
  • Could you please lower your voice?
  • Do you mind turning it down a little bit, I am having trouble hearing? Thanks!

We must choose words carefully to express our emotions.

What is the tone in this teacher’s cell phone contract?:

“The infiltration of electronic devices of all types has virtually destroyed the education process. To combat this unacceptable situation, I am enforcing a mandatory rule that all students keep their electronic devices in a locked bin at the front of the room.

If a student violates this rule, their device will be confiscated and the student will be disciplined severely.”

Which words carry emotional weight? Underline them.

What are the main points and objectives of this contract?

In your notebook, rewrite the contract with a different emotional tone. Underline key emotional words you used to change the tone.



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