Write Your Important Object Paragraph

10 Sep


Period 3: Go to A205
Period 4: Go to A206
Period 8: Go to Library

Today we will be typing our well organized paragraph on an important object on Google Classroom.

Log into your Sachem Google Account:

UsernameUse your regular computer login, then add @sachem.edu
Example:  jsmith2@sachem.edu

PasswordSach.(last 4 numbers of your ID)
Example:   Sach.1234
(The S must be a capital!)

Sign Up For Google Classroom

Click here to get to Google Classroom. Use the appropriate join code:

Period 3bbbvne5

Period 434avjld

Period 8: iw9ob7

Complete the Assignment on Google Classroom

Write a well organized paragraph about an important object in your life.

1 Topic Sentence
3 Supporting Sentences
1 Concluding Sentence

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