1st Quarter Grading Policy!

4 Sep

All work may be revised for a better grade, as many times as you want. If you are willing to work for it, you can get the grade you want in Mr. Funk’s class!

Writing 25%

This category is for our writing assignments. These will be typed and submitted via Google Classroom. This grade includes:

  • Assigned writing pieces: Letter to Future Self, Important Object, Tone Place Description, and more.
  • Independent Writing List: A selection of writing pieces done at your own pace.
  • Skills Used Explanation: You will identify, define, and give examples of how you used our Skills in your own writing.
  • End of the Quarter Writing Reflection.

Classwork 25%

Classwork includes any variety of small assignments throughout the quarter, as well as participation and work ethic. Twice during the quarter, you will reflect on your class participation. You will also determine the progress report comments you feel you most deserve. The quarterly exams will be counted in this category.

Notebook 20%

Everyone will keep a marble composition notebook dedicated to English work only. It is graded on pages written. 10 points for every 3 full pages. Quantity over quality. The point is to encourage you to write as much as possible; the more we do something, the better we become at it. Read about the notebook policy here.

Reading 15%

Usually on Fridays, we will have time for Independent Reading. New York State has broadened its definition of literacy to include audio and visual formats of all kinds. You will be permitted to “read” the format of your choice.

  • Complete a Reading Log each time we do Independent Reading.
  • Analyze any Skill/Literary device used in something you have read. 150 Words Max.

Vocabulary 15%

Every Tuesday, we will learn two words from the 9th Grade Vocabulary list.

  • For each word, complete a Connection Chart and keep it in your folder in the file cabinet in the front of the room. You can add to your charts throughout the quarter. The more ideas the better. Here are some examples of how they are graded.
  • During the quarter, complete a  Real World Vocabulary worksheet.
  • Finally, there will be a Definition Piece, in which you explain what a word means to you (not a dictionary definition but a personal one). 150 words Max.


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