Less and Fewer; Curious Incident

6 May

2018-2019 Trial Bell Schedule

Quick Write: This week we are using a new bell schedule. What do you think about it?

Less and Fewer

Rewrite the following sentences correctly in your notebook. Follow the simple rule: If you can count it, use “fewer.”

1. Rhonda has less/fewer homework to do than Ricky because she gets more of it done during school.
2. Less/Fewer people are in line for this movie than I was expecting.
3. Clown camp costs less/fewer than Robert thinks.
4. Derek can swim across the lake in less/fewer than seven minutes! He’s very athletic.
5. Less/Fewer students than usual were at the assembly. A nasty stomach virus kept many kids at home.
6. I’ll be surprised if I can finish this essay in less/fewer than three hours.
7. Martina’s lunch cost less/fewer than 10 dollars.
8. Lisa was certain that the distance between Niagara Falls and Buffalo was less/fewer than her GPS claimed.
9. It would have taken less/fewer time to set up the party if we had been more organized.
10. Angel was thrilled that he had less/fewer cavities than last year.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

We will continue reading. Continue answering these questions.

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