Fix Me Friday; Independent Reading

12 Apr

Period 6 Quizziz

Go to the Quizziz site and use the code: 835314

Be sure to use your real name, so I know who you are.

Fix Me Friday

Research Skills:

Whenever you use information from someone elses work, you must give credit to that person. According to the national council of writing, “using information from another article makes a reader believe what he or she is reading. (Jenkins, page 19)” It is also important to give proper citations “to avoid plagiarism.” (Wilson 9) After you use a quote in your paper, it is important to explain it’s significanse. Why did you put that quote in your paper. It should be there to support the topic sentence, which is their to support you’re thesis statement.

Wilson, Alf. Research Rulz Magazine “Writing Fire Papers.” July 8, 2017

Jenkins, Bobby. “Writing Dope Research Papers.” research is rad Magazine. January 15th 2015

Independent Reading

Today you will have time to read, watch, listen etc to any material you want. Fill out a Independent Reading Worksheet about your material.


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