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Wednesday Wisdom; Supporting Sentences

20 Mar

Wednesday Wisdom

You have some words of wisdom on your desk. In your notebook:

  • Write it down.
  • Put the quote into your own words.
  • What does it mean?
  • Is there a metaphor or deeper meaning?
  • How can you apply this to your life?

Supporting Sentences

Today we will go over the first paragraph in the creating our own supporting sentences worksheet. After that, finish it on your own.


Two Word Tuesday and Supporting Sentences

19 Mar

Quick Write: Choose any 4 vocabulary words from 2019 and create an announcement for the school’s PA system. Be sure to show the meaning of the words in your announcement.

Words: Fervent, Virulent, Complacent, Vagrant, Trivial, Eloquent, Oblivious, Indifferent, Revere, Profound, Objective, Subjective

Two Word Tuesday

Candid and Embellish from the 9th Grade Vocabulary List.

Supporting Sentences

Today we will build off of yesterday’s notes and start creating our own supporting sentences on this worksheet. (Just finish the first section of three).



Supporting Sentences

18 Mar

Quick Write: 

Do you think it’s a good idea for parents to use smart devices — like spy cameras, location tracking devices or other alert systems — to keep tabs on their children when they’re home alone? Why or why not?

Do your parents monitor you when you’re home by yourself? If so, how do you feel about it? It not, how would you feel if they did?

Supporting Sentences

Today we will have notes on Supporting Sentences.

Independent Reading; Fix Me Friday

15 Mar

Quick Write: What is going on in this picture? What does it say about people today?

Fix Me Friday: Subject Verb Agreement.

Correct the following sentences, if necessary.

  1. The child with no friends play at the park.
  2. Max and Susan plays at the park.
  3. Max or Susan play at the park.
  4. What was Jane and Susan telling you?
  5. Either Jack or the children are too loud.

Independent Reading

Today you will have time to read, watch, listen etc to any material you want. Fill out a Independent Reading Worksheet about your material.


Quizziz on Topic Sentences in A206

14 Mar

Today we will go to the computer lab A206 to work on a Quizziz for Topic Sentences.

Go to Quizziz website and use the code below.

Period 3: 846325

Period 4: 599723

Period 8: 292146

Tomorrow is Independent Reading! Come Prepared!

It’s Nice to Lose Everything? Writing Topic Sentences

13 Mar

Quick Write: Can you think of something that seemed bad but wound up having positive results?

Wednesday Wisdom

Losing Everything Can Be Nice!?

Topic Sentences Review

Complete this worksheet for making Topic Sentences for each of the topics from the Thesis Practice Worksheet.

Two Word Tuesday; Topic Sentences

12 Mar

Quick Write: What would the home of your dreams look like? Would it be a minimalist apartment in a bustling city? A mansion with 40 rooms, a basketball court and a pool? A farm with more animals than you could count? A shack on the beach so you could surf every day?

Two Word Tuesday

Subjective and Objective from the 9th Grade Vocabulary List.

Topic Sentences Review

Complete this worksheet for making Topic Sentences for each of the topics from the Thesis Practice Worksheet.