Two Word Tuesday; 60 Second Independent Reading Talks;

26 Mar

Quick Write: Take the Rorschach Test here. What types of things do you see in the images? What might this say about the way your mind thinks?

Two Word Tuesday

Enigma and Denounce from the 9th Grade Vocabulary List.

60 Second Independent Reading Talks

Here are some ideas for your 60 Second Independent Reading Talk, which we will be starting today.


  • Write down your thoughts. You must plan! If you don’t have anything written down, you cannot go!
  • Tell us what you are reading/watching/listening to.
  • Summarize it in one sentence.


  • Give and explain interesting quote.
  • Explain how it relates to you, your life, or people in general.
  • Notice any literary devices? Imagery, metaphors, dramatic irony, effective lead, etc.
  • Compare to other things you have read/listened to/watched.
  • Important lessons you learned.
  • How you have applied it to your life.
  • Anything you found interesting and thought provoking.

Vocabulary with Your Group

Today you will be in a group and be given a short vocabulary assignment to complete and share with the class.

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