Independent Reading; Fix Me Friday

1 Mar

Fix Me Friday: Subject Verb Agreement

Rule: When a Subject contains “either” or “or,” use the Noun closest to the verb to determine which form of the Verb to use.

Write the sentences correctly in your notebook.

Bob or Tim and Nancy is/are going to the store.

Tim and Nancy or Bob is/are going to the store.

Mr. Funk or the students run/runs the race.

The students or Mr. Funk run/runs the race.

Independent Reading

Today you will have time to read, watch, listen etc to any material you want. Fill out a Independent Reading Worksheet about your material.

Progress Reports

If you want any work to be considered for your progress report, I need it by Monday the latest! I’ve shown you your grades so far. Check eSchool. Use this website. Get the grade you want!

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