Fix Me Friday; Independent Reading

15 Feb

Quick Write: What are your plans for break? What would have to happen for you to come back to school saying you had a great break?

Fix Me Friday

Today we will do Fix Me Friday, focusing on Subject-Verb Agreement. Correct the following sentences, if necessary:

  1. Characterization are how an author show a character’s personality.
  2. There is two types of characterization, direct and indirect.
  3. New authors and experienced authors write stories with characterization.
  4. Ernest or Beavis uses characterization well.
  5. Ernest and Beavis uses characterization well.
  6. New books is certain to have plenty of characterization.

Independent Reading

Today you will have time to do your independent reading. You may also use the time to learn about something you wish to learn about.

Be sure to complete the Independent Reading worksheet.



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