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Class Participation and Topic Sentences

28 Feb

Quick Write: What places in your hometown hold your strongest memories? Are these places still around? Or have they been torn down and made into something new? What thoughts, memories or feelings come up when you pass by them?

Class Participation 1st Half 3rd Quarter

Today you will complete a Class Participation Self Evaluation sheet. Honesty is rewarded; delusions are penalized!

Topic Sentences:

Today we will have notes on another important part of research paper writing, The Topic Sentence.

Thesis Statements – One More Time!

27 Feb

Quick Write: Look at the image above. What is happening? What is the artist trying to say?

See the source image

Wednesday Wisdom: John Lennon Quote above.

Finish Thesis Statements Practice

We will go over our Thesis Statement Practice worksheet

Two Word Tuesday; Thesis

26 Feb

Quick Write:

Write a paragraph about what is happening in this image.

Two Word Tuesday

Oblivious and Indifferent from the 9th Grade Vocabulary list

Thesis Statement Practice

In your notebook, complete the Thesis Statement Practice with Supporting sentences and a thesis statement.

Research Paper Stuff: Thesis Statements

25 Feb

Quick Write: Can you think of one thing you did (besides eat and sleep) for each day of the break?

Thesis Statements

Today we will learn about thesis statements.

First there will be some notes.

Then we will practice some thesis statements in our notebooks.

Fix Me Friday; Independent Reading

15 Feb

Quick Write: What are your plans for break? What would have to happen for you to come back to school saying you had a great break?

Fix Me Friday

Today we will do Fix Me Friday, focusing on Subject-Verb Agreement. Correct the following sentences, if necessary:

  1. Characterization are how an author show a character’s personality.
  2. There is two types of characterization, direct and indirect.
  3. New authors and experienced authors write stories with characterization.
  4. Ernest or Beavis uses characterization well.
  5. Ernest and Beavis uses characterization well.
  6. New books is certain to have plenty of characterization.

Independent Reading

Today you will have time to do your independent reading. You may also use the time to learn about something you wish to learn about.

Be sure to complete the Independent Reading worksheet.



Romeo and Juliet Questions in A206

14 Feb

Go to A206!

Period 3 and 4: Romeo and Juliet Free Will vs Fate Essay (on Google Classroom).

Use this outline to help with your essay.

Independent Reading Tomorrow! Come Prepared!

Period 8: Answer part 4, questions A and B (on Google Classroom). Make sure you have the rest of the answers written in  your notebook.

Wednesday Wisdom – Look Up; Romeo and Juliet

13 Feb

Quick Write: Do we really have free will or are our lives determined by fate?

Wednesday Wisdom – Look Up and Accidents

Romeo and Juliet

Quick review, courtesy of Thug Notes:

Complete this worksheet in your notebook.



Two Word Tuesday; Romeo and Juliet

12 Feb

Quick Write: Who is a person from history that you would like to meet and talk to?  Why?  What would you like to ask?

Two Word Tuesday

Trivial and Eloquent from the 9th Grade Vocabulary list

Romeo and Juliet

We will finish the film today!

Romeo and Juliet

11 Feb

Quick Write: Write about your weekend. How was it? What did you do?

We will do a quick verbal recap of Romeo and Juliet so far, then continue watching.


Fix Me Friday; Independent Reading

8 Feb

Quick Write: If you could learn anything you wanted at school, what would you want to learn?

Here are your answers:


Today we will do Fix Me Friday, focusing on Subject-Verb Agreement.

Then we will have time for independent reading. Fill out a sheet to earn credit. Use quotes and specific examples from your reading. Do not just summarize!