Midterm Review; Notebooks Due

18 Jan

MIDTERM Tuesday January 22 at 8am

Period 3: A233
Period 4: A235
Period 8: A253

Quick Write: Write a plan of how you will study for your midterms next week. Keep it reasonable and be specific. When will you study? For what subjects? How long?


Midterm Review!

Bob and Mitch is good friends. Every day after school they get together to plays sports. Bob never would of thought that Mitch would beat him at basketball, but Mitch practice alot. Mitch, it turns out: practices twice as much as Bob. At first Mitch could easily beat Bob. Yesterday for the first time ever Mitch beat Bob. Bob was angry when he lost he said Mitch was cheating. But deep he was worried. Their is only one spot open on the basketball team. Either Bob or Mitch are going to make the basketball team.



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