Two Word Tuesday; Comfort Zones; Effective Lead

8 Jan

Quick Write:

Write about a time when you didn’t do something because it made you uncomfortable. What prevented you? Why were you uncomfortable? Is this a common problem for you? What were the consequences or missed opportunities? (examples: not speaking because of what others might think, not trying something because you might fail, hiding your true feelings, avoiding a situation…)

Two Word Tuesday

This week’s words are Fervent and Virulent in the 9th grade vocabulary list.

Skill: Effective Lead -An author’s attempt to grasp the reader’s attention in the beginning of a work.

First impressions are huge.  Think about how fast you flip through TV channels.  How much time does each program get before you switch stations?  In a world of ever shrinking attention spans, you need to grasp your readers’ attention as soon as possible.

  • Try being vague, create mystery by not immediately letting the reader know exactly what you are writing about…
  • Try using vague words like “it” before explaining what “it” is.
  • Start with dialogue.
  • Start somewhere besides the beginning.
  • Say something shocking.  Sensory Imagery blast.
  • Start in the middle of the action.
  • Make the reader question the narrator’s credibility.

Check out this page of 100 best first lines of novels.

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