Welcome Back; Happy New Year; Reflecting on 2018

2 Jan

Quick Write: How was your break? What did you do? Where did you go? What were some highlights? What were some low points?

Reflecting on 2018

In your notebook, create two columns. At the top of one, write “positive”. At the top of the other, write “negative”. Start with January, and write anything positive and negative about January. (Feel free to use your phone for pictures, reminders, calendars… anything that will remind you of the events of the month). Repeat for each of the 11 other months.

When you are done, make a list of the people, activities, places, commitments that resulting in positive outcomes. Do the same for the negative.

Now make your self a To-Do List and a Not-To-Do List for 2019.

This exercise is adapted from The Tim Ferriss website.

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