Wednesday Wisdom and Personification

14 Nov

Quick Write: Who is someone you are thankful for and why?

Text a person you are thankful for and let them know you are thankful for them! Things you could say:

“Thank you for:

  • helping me
  • listening to me
  • being there for me
  • putting up with me when I’m difficult
  • for accepting me for who I am
  • taking care of me”

or “Hello, today at school, I have to text one person I am thankful for. I picked you. Thank you!”

Wednesday Wisdom

The Health Benefit of Being Thankful


One of the strengths of Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak is her use of personification. Here are the day’s notes on Personification.

Add Personification to Your Quick Writes

Go back through your notebook and pick a sentence from any five of your quick writes. Rewrite the sentence using the personification techniques from our notes.

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