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NPR Note Taking Article

31 Oct

Quick Write: Are you dressing up and celebrating Halloween? Why or why not? How?

NPR Notetaking Article/ Interview

We will listen to this interview about note taking.

Then we will read this corresponding article.

We will complete a Task 3 Worksheet on the article.

Two Word Tuesday; NPR Note Taking

30 Oct

Quick Write: Do you believe in ghosts or spirits?

Two Word Tuesday

Fracas and Lucid from 9th Grade Vocabulary

NPR Notetaking Article/ Interview

We will listen to this interview about note taking.



Skill: Logos; Go Over Appositive

29 Oct

Quick Write: How do you know if someones is your true friend or not?

Go Over Appositive Worksheet

We will start by going over Friday’s Appositive Worksheet.

Skill: Logos

Logos is the use of logic, reasoning, facts, and figures to persuade the reader. Convincing readers that something “makes sense.”

Here are the notes on Logos.



Appositive Worksheet

26 Oct

Today we will work on an Appositive Worksheet.

Go Over Task 3 Essays

25 Oct

Quick Write: Who is someone you want to meet? Why?

Review Task 3 Essay

Today you will get your grade for the Task 3 Essay. We will go over some student examples of the Task 3 essays.

Remember you may revise any assignment for a better grade!

Finally, we will look at a template we can follow for writing this essay in the future.

Wednesday Wisdom

24 Oct

Quick Write: What is something you wish you could change?

Wednesday Wisdom:

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called Yesterday and the other is called Tomorrow. Today is the right day to Love, Believe, Do and mostly Live.”

― Dalai Lama XIV

Skill: Combining Sentences with The Appositive

Notes on Appositives and worksheet.

Commonly Confused Words; Two Word Tuesday

23 Oct

Quick Write: Rewrite these sentences without any redundancies:

The car Bob has is a car with red seating and is a car with a red steering wheel.
I’m going to the A.T.M. machine after school, once my last class is over.
There was a total of 14 birds.

Two Word Tuesday:

Jocular and Monotonous from the 9th Grade Vocabulary list.

Commonly Confused Words

We will go over Commonly Confused words from yesterday’s worksheet.